**CAT method** New Lucid dream induction technique

Maybe some of you already saw this topic on the lucidity.com forum, but i thought many did not know it yet.
I’ll just give you guys the link

novadreamer.com/discus/messa … #POST17230

I found it rather intresting, but i can’t test it out yet because i simply can not put it in a shedule.

Give some feedback if you have succes whit it.

Very clever.

Was new to me.

I like it but it wouldn’t work for me unmodified, as I can’t regularise my sleep schedule.

I shall have to think about this…

Since school creates a sleep schedule on my sleep life, i think the method will help me… ill give a try…

Doesnt your body have a mental clock? Like if I intend to wake up 90 minutes on the A stage, I WILL wake up, mind and body. Im gonna try it this week and test it out.

yes that’s where it won’t work for people like me at all
my bioclock is so sharp, even without intention I often wake the exact minute of the wbtb of a few nights ago