Cats having REM sleep?

Please excuse me if this is not exactly where this topic belongs. My roommate and I were watching our cat sleep. He was twitching like he sometimes does, but this time we noticed his eyes were moving like someone in REM sleep. I was wondering if anyone here knows whether cats can actually reach the REM stage, and if not, why he might be doing that? He woke up soon after, and was perfectly content.

They probably can since they require the exact same as humans from sleep. They might have different sleep cycles since they sleep a lot differently to we do.

Yes, cats have REM sleep :yes:

Cats dream too. The experiment how they did it was not very cat-friendly (at least I think so), but it is a famous experiment, and the result was a cat sleeping, but acting out his dreams, chasing invisible mice and so on.

From what I have hear, all mammals have REM sleep.

Thanks for all the answers. :slight_smile: This is very cool to me, and I’ll have to bring this up to the psych teacher for a class on consciousness I took once. (Somehow we ended up arguing about whether cats were conscious through half of it.)

PasQuale, do you know the name of that experiment or who did it?

I did a Quick google and found this interesting page: … _cats.html

futher reading on that site is very interesting as well!