Cats in dreams

is it just me or do cats seem to play a huge part in dreams? ive never owned a cat and i dont even like them much but i have and remember ALOT of dreams about cats… most that i can remember was very agressive… one dream i had awhile back i was trying to save a dog from a gang of cats with a stick, it even went lucid for a while and i turned the stick into a sword… anyway i just just wondering what they mean and if im alone on this?

I have a lot of cats at home. And dream about them from time to time.

A few days ago me and the cats were chasing a little alien. Even before, I was some sort of spider and the cats wanted to attack me.

An interesting thing happened a few days ago: I was laying in bed, reading, when suddenly I wished one of the cats be here, on the bed, near my legs. I thought, that would be cool. I don’t know why, I never wished anything like this. :eh:

Then, the next day, when that cat was in the apartment, it just headed for my room. Never ever, absolutely never before has no cat gone into my room, but this time, that cat just headed straight for my room (usually they head straight for the kitchen :content: ). And if mom wasn’t there, I think it would just go sit on the bed where I wished it to sit the evening before.

Doh… :eh:

We got two cats at home, and I like cats.But they almost never show up in my dreams


I dream about cats once and a while, we have three of them.
I dont really think they ,ean anything, to me in dreams anyway.
Instead of asking, “What do they mean?” You should be asking, “What do they mean to me?”

Sputnik: This one time my mom and I were talking about Mondo. He was a great cat. We were talking about how his sleek tail really should be puffier, becuase it would look cute with his sleek body.

No joke, a few days later, he had a puffy tail & did until he died. Bizarre!

Sometimes my cat Jouster acts like he sees something terrifying and follows it with his eyes for minutes, at least. Everyone tells me that it must be a small bug or something, but he has terrible vision & we’ve never seen anything of the sort. Call me crazy, but I wonder if he knows something that I don’t…or maybe, just maybe - he’s been dipping into mommy’s stash :flower:

lol maybe he heard you and started buffing up his tail for ya, i know cats are smart this one cat that lived next door to me used to sit on my wall when i was coming home from school and my mom told me he gets there like 5 minutes before i did.
i really think i should keep more awake when dremaing this at first i thought it said ur cat died of a fluffy tail lol
anyway i dont think cats mean anything to me, apart from that one cat years ago every cat i known before and after has been like possest by some evil force, no joke i swear they hate me… ive been bit like 5 times by mostly different cats and they always spit at me, so i spit back lol

Well I have 4 cats, and only two come up in my dreams. The oldest cat we have is 12 years old in people years, and me and my mom, whenever we dream about her, she can talk. :eh: And then the other cat I dream about is mah Ikey (he’s MYYYY baby), and whenever I dream about him, I’m always like… misplacing him, and whenever I go to find him, I find like a gazillion clones of him and I have to find him in the mix. I dont’ think I ever do find him though lol. Kinda weird.
Here’s Ikey:

  • @LOL!@ - :rofl: dying from a fluffy tail… ahh, Monkey :smile:

Actually, that thing about the “cat getting there five minutes before you get home” has been well documented on dogs in Psychology. They can’t figure it out. They took participants from their homes for indefinite amounts of time, while video-taping the dog. After hours of absense, the dogs would consistently get up and go to the door 5-10 minutes before the owner arrived. Weird, eh?

Tonight’s tidbit brought to you by Bank-O-Meow :flower:

I remember seeing a show on that. They think that the dogs and cats have a psychic connection to their owners. It makes sense. My cats will be waiting for me by the window and the door. And our dog will go to the door or jump in the window when my dad comes home (before he comes home I mean).

Dogs could just be more in touch with their senses than us.

I used to have a lot of cats when I was small, but I don’t remember any dreams from back then so I can’t tell. I think besides being smarter than we think, cats may also have ESP. For one thing, cats were used in OBE experiments and they proved useful.

i’ve had one cat dream. or i remember only one… there were huge cat monsters. they chased me around the big city. it was night and dark and little sceary… but thats the only one i know.

oh yeah i remember that, but that was with owners and dogs. i didnt own this cat didnt even feed it or nothing just used to wait for me lol. i donno maybe it heard the bus coming down road they probably have better hearing than us too

Yeah, I’ve seen some TV shows on the, shall we say, psychic abilities of the dogs. There was a dog who would go sit next to the phone and stare at it, just a few moments before it actually began to ring.

Besides the inevitable ordinary cat dreams (have them a lot indeed) my subconsciousness also like to present tougher variants, tigers and lions. The funny thing is, while I’m not exactly at ease in those dreams, I’m also far from being scared to death. I can assure you I would be in real life if a tiger enters my appartment :eek: .

I had a dream of my kittens about a week before I got them home with me. In it, they were miniature tigers, one of them was named ‘Tiger’ in my dream. Hmmm…but why did I think in my dream that they were tigers? Weird! One of them…the male, which I didn’t adopt has dark tabby colourings and they named him ‘Tiger’…That was after I had the dream. :content: Anyway…last night before I went to bed I asked my kittens to come into my dream and make me go lucid. Arghhh!! I had 4-5 very clear dreams, one involving a ‘Nova Type Lucid Inducer’…I didn’t go lucid!!! (My [ENTER] key isn’t working…excuse the spaces. -FiK- :tongue:

Oh that reminds me a lot of a dream I used to get as a kid with this snake in my house, strange im not scared of them irl but was in the dream :confused: