Two nights of lucid dreams in a row! Last night I had one and the night before as well. This is fun.


Big congratulations :mrgreen_hat: Sounds like you are on a good track to getting frequent lucid dreams. I’m hoping for you that it will stay that way for as long as you wish it to be :smiley:

I hope so too. I am going to try to reality check every time i wake up. so if its a false wake up, it will become a lucid dream. they arent really consistent yet i can go weeks without any and then a short maybe 10 min at most lucid dream

Doing an RC every time you wake up is a really good habit, keep up with that. Even if you only get a short lucid dream out of it, you can then start your day fresh out of a lucid dream. That always makes me super happy.

thanks. last night was unsuccesful. hope i will get another ld soon

Congratulations :slight_smile: Momentum is a big help, I think it really builds confidence and subconsciously re-enforces that you can do it which makes it easier to do it again.

yeah. i have been having dull dreams and nightmares and little to no recall the past 3 nights. i almost got lucid last night but i dont remember the dream.