Chakra Technique (very effective!)

Hey guys

Last night was a great night for me. Had around 7 LD s all by using the chakra technique. So how does it work?

From Wikibooks: Using Chakra (“third eye”) meditation is a one way to achieve WILDs. Basically, one has to focus solely on his third eye and breathing to achieve a lucid dream. This is a technique over 5000 years old, taught to Parvati by Shiva.

Although, last night I never intended to WILD… I thought I was too lazy so I just decided to repeat a mantra over and over again every time I woke up while falling asleep. the mantra was “I will know I’m dreaming”. Now a strange thing happened… Once I was close to falling asleep, I immediately started to focus on my third eye (look upwards at your third eye with your eyes closed) and when I did this, everything would spin really fast like a WILD and I would enter a dream immediately. I achieved 7 LD s this way … simply every time I woke up I just did the whole thing again. by 8 am I wasn’t able because I just wasn’t tired enough to keep doing MILD. But basically I’ve been waking… and LD ing since 1 am.

Anyways, hope someone here gives it a try! :smile:


I had a someway similar experience: I didn’t think about third eye, but I had several LD in the same night, each one started with a feeling of vibrations and shakes.

Just a question: what do you mean with “look upwards at your third eye with your eyes closed”? Do I have just to look upwards? Or should I also think about this “third eye”, visualize it?

Close your eyes. Using your index finger, touch the spot just above the area between your physical eyes. This is the location of your third eye. Now while keeping your eyes closed, try to look upward and to that area above your physical eyes… and focus on that area… that’s your third eye chakra. You can visualize that chakra but personally I did not do any visualization. I just had my eyes looking up into that spot and repeated the mantra. You might feel dizzy for a while and it might seem a bit hard to stay that way because your eyes will be twitching… you just need to hold it for a moment and after a while the twitching will stop and you’ll be able to stay that way.

I’ll try… but it seems quite painful.

When I do this I start seeing some of those shiny swirls and figures. Although I think this technique has really good potential for me and I`ll definitely keep trying. :smile:

Need to try this have to actually sleep first though going to bed at 2-3 is bad X.x

Hmm…It seems to me like the looking up at this so called “third eye” is a way of keeping conscious awareness and basically doing WILD. I guess?

mm not exactly. But if it works for you in that way than cool. There is a way though of inducing WILD while focusing on your third eye… but it’s not because you’re keeping conscious awareness… it’s because you will induce HI pretty easily without having to undergo the previous relaxation stages in WILD technique.

Could you please give me your definition of what you think the third eye is. I’m curious. How does this induce HI pretty easily?

I tried this last night. It felt like my head was on fire, and I didn’t get to sleep for about an hour. But I will try tonight; maybe it won’t be so bad.

I’ll try it ^^

The third eye chakra, located in the center of the forehead, is a chakra centered mainly around creativity, imagination, and (if I’m not mistaken,) mental connection. Interestingly enough, the pineal gland of the brain, special due to being the only gland in the brain that is singular, and between the halves. Partly due to its nature being intertwined with creative and original minds, it is also said to be linked to dreaming very strongly, and since HH is dreams forming, this may be why people feel it has a connection to the odd sensation.

Of course, this is only relevant should you believe in chakras. Otherwise, you’re just staring at the top of the bridge of your nose.

Sure. The third eye isn’t simply a place in your forehead someone decided to invent like some people might think. In our physical body it’s the Pineal Gland. It’s basically a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It is also known that this gland produces melatonin, which is a hormone that affects the wake/sleep pattern. So as you can see. The third eye doesn’t really only have a methaphysical connotation, but also a scientific one.

Now, in metaphysics. The pineal gland’s location deep in the brain has a lot of importance. It is associated with the sixth chakra, which links to increased psychic awareness as consciousness ascends. This gland (third eye) controls the various bio-rhythms of the body, and when it awakens it is generally associated with a very deep pressure on the head. Specifically on the base of the brain.

Now… about the HI. With a proper focus on the third eye, (generally achieved through meditation). We experience clear hypnagogic images pretty much identical to the ones we receive when we are performing WILD. Therefore, it is through the same process of HI that we enter an LD, just like in WILD.

How does focusing on this third eye/pineal gland, or maybe focusing on it during meditation give you rewards? What practices might you do to ‘activate’ your pineal gland more? :content:

Thank you for the post LucidHvn…The Chakra Technique worked for me today when I attempted WILD :thumbs:

Although I must add that I’m pretty good at WILD and usually make a successful attempt whenever I find time for an afternoon nap…Nonetheless, using the chakra method seemed a bit more easier to me…So, thanks again…

Its funny that just 2 weeks before I tried this same meditation but got extremely annoyed because of the buzz and headache…That time I couldn’t make out that it could be easily used for WILD :thud: Having faced such anomalous behavior for meditation I switched back to my previous technique…

The pineal gland activates DMT in itself, and DMT is one of the strongest hallucinogens in the world. It is responsible for dreaming, out of body experiences and many other changed states of the mind. One thing I noticed, is that you can only get HI when looking somewhere ‘behind’. And looking up is sort of looking behind. I don’t have any scientifical evidence for this ‘looking behind’ thing, but I just noticed it, that every time I have a HI scene I end up moving my eyes from the behind to the front, and when they come to the front the scene ends. One thing to mention about DMT tho, it is illegal, and still, we all produce it every night (by dreaming). Also, it is considered to be the spirit molecule, because every time we have a spiritual experience, it activates. One more proof that the ‘inner god’ is an illusion.

Someone could say it is proof that the ‘inner god’ is real :smile:.

Maybe, but I see it as an illusion. A simple mistake in nature, when you would explain it through evolution, you would notice that it’s nothing but a mistake that is neither positive or negative, its neutral. The current state of DMT hallucinations (dreaming, out of body, so on) is created by our own expectations, like in any other hallucinogen. If you expect to see god, you will see it.

If you don’t know how evolution works, read on. The DMT production in the pineal gland is probably made through positive mutation (or in this case, neutral mutation). Once, there were creatures that had no DMT production, a mutation happened and a creature with DMT was borned. As it didn’t make the creature have no children, it had children, which had a pineal gland.

Glad you brought that up BeatDoctor :smile: Yes, Dimethyltryptamine is a VERY powerful psychoactive substance. If it was to be smoked, injected, or orally ingested when combined with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor… you will pretty much have some pretty twisted entheogenic experiences. It’s very simillar to LSD and psilocybin. DMT alters the brain’s chemistry in a matter of minutes.

There are theories that says DMT is the reason why we dream. Could be… but I don’t think there is any actual scientific proof this is true. I believe it is definetaly the reason why we obtain HI when we focus on the pineal gland and not specifically because of melatonin. Some studies show that DMT actually clears the melatonin from the pineal gland…

Interesting. I thought up a similar method a month or two ago. I just try to keep awareness while falling asleep; it felt like I was looking with both eyes upward. I would experience a lapse in consciousness, then I was in a dream at a pretty good level of lucidity. I’m a bit surprised that I found this here, as I thought I was the only one to use the method. Apparently I’m 5000 years too late. Oh well. Good luck to you as you learn how to use this method! :wink: