chamomil tea?

has anyone had any success with this? tried it even? im gonna drink some tonight… post results tomorrow

well… i certainly slept well… my dreams were very different than they usually were, they were full of symbols and strange things going on. i even found i could read text… (thought people couldnt read in dreams)

there was a mug with a picture of a man and woman on it… and i guess i was writing in some form of pen that would erase coloration from anything. i wrote “both lucid” on the mug, then i woke up…

restful sleep- i’ll experiment with it tonight also

I drink a lot of that tea also (like 1 litre a day when im home), i dont notice anything but getting relaxed from it, which is the reason why i drink it :smile:

its just disgusting:(
Do you put something into it?like honey or some other stuff to make it taste better?
I know it relaxes well,but i just cant make myself to drink it

Wow, I just drank one… :happy: I love that taste! I don’t add anything else to it. :biggrin:

I just love it…

Try the combo… mint tea (drink them seperately lol) and chamoille tea. Mint tea seems to enhance your awareness and energy while chamoille tea seems to relax you… it might be perfect combo for meditating and LD’ing.

I just tried that experiment… I’m in meditative state right now. lol! :wink: Let me know if you do try it. :biggrin:

Actually it tastes REALY GOOD lol and no, i never add someting to it. Im now gonna try mix with ginko and ginseng tea… lets see what that brings :smile:

i dont add anything extra, but the tea bags have extra ingrediants like lemon and honey and the such…

What does Regular tea do than? MY GUESS is its no effect :sad: I overdrink that stuff when its ultra sweet :wink:

Chamomille tastes ok to me… but it gives me a headache for some reason. It did relax me other than that I guess.
BTW… I can read in dreams to even though I also heard that most people can’t. I sometimes have dreams where I am reading a book and it all makes sence even after I wake up.

I had some sort of herbal tea yesterday that contained chamomile, and then some peach tea, and had the BEST LD ever. It was very long, and I was just blown away. I think I’ll try some more tonight!