Chamomille T

Hey everybody.
:grin: My body can’t handle even the tiniest bit of caffine so I drink mostly herbal teas. I’ve had sleep problems since I was a little kid and lately I’ve been drinking chamomille tea. It actually makes me sleepy. The problem is I drank it last night and my dream recall was terrible. There were some other strange things I did too though including staring at that hypnotic swirl from another topic on this board.
Has any one else ever tried it (the tea or the herb)? Do you know of any other good natural sleep aides?

I just mixed melatonin, valarian root and chamomille tea. NEVER DO THIS unless you want to actually wake up and have to question you are still dreaming as I am sort of at the moment. I’m honestly scared, I’m going to go sleep in my mommy’s room haha. I did get lucid though. :wink:

Yes, I have. The dreams are just as distorted as though I was taking melatonin. I didnt like it.
Green tea is good though, so is calcium for some reason, or maybe just because it relaxes the intestines? :tongue:

The only green tea I had had caffine in it naturaly. Do you mean decaf or is there a type that I haven’t seen yet?
Yeah I think I’m going to pass on the sleep aides. They make me feel too weird. I’ll just have to find another cure for my insomnia. :wink:

Lipton I think makes decaf.
I dont know why I like it, maybe all the antioxidants.
I think you can get the same antioxidants from any dark or black tea also.
I dont blame you for using decaf, I get jittery when I drink caffine.

I drink chamomile occasionally.
I like it very strong, 2 bags per cup and drink it while they are still in the cup or I squeeze the last drop of liquid from the bags.
100% chamomile tea is lovely.

I sleep soon after taking it and wake up refreshed…not groggy or sleep deprived like I do when using sleep aids.

If you get tired of the same taste all the time, mix one bag chamomile and one of mint or rosehip etc…yummy too!

I don’t think chamomile influences your dreaming. I drink lots of it and I see no difference in my dreaming when I do not drink it.

It is, however, very healthy. :content:

Hmm…very warm milk. I drink it everyday before going to sleep, and it kind of helps with my insomnia.