changing dream time

has anyone ever chainged the way thay see time in a dream, i meen can u make a minut seem like an hour in a dream, and build on extending it so that a 20 min LD would be like a week in dreeam time?

I’ve talked to a few people on the IRC chat, where I usually lurk. Apparently it’s possible to even live an entire 80-year life in a dream. I haven’t been able to do it, though. I’m interested if anyone could enlighten us.

that is so awsome… after i learn to an ld every night ima gana try this
emagine live 80 yrs then being awake 4 a day then liven another 80 yr life

i bet thats were the idea of reincarnation came from just ppl haven lifetime long dreams and thinking it waz another RL maby some the exp. LD’eers here can try this out and post back?