Changing the dream scene

I changed the title from “i hate doors that have small windows…” to “Changing the dream scene” :content:
i think you get the picture…

last night i had an ld and i wanted to change the scenery badly but all the doors i could find had glass openings and you could see through and i couldnt control what was behind them.

i’ll never try the “close my eyes and when i open them i will be…” again because i wake up.

so… how to change the scenery with NO DOORS and NO CLOSING EYES?

You could try to spin around: sping around your own axes and imagine the dream scene will change around you. Tell yourself how you want it to be, for example by saying “When I stop spinning I am in [place where you want to be]”

Another possibility is stepping trough a mirror. Search (or create) a mirror and step trough it. You could also fly to a new place; it might not be a fast way, but it can be great to do. You could take a pill out your pocket and say to yourself that if you take it you will be teleported to another place.

hey… thanks.
you can imagine how frustrated i was in the dream.

Or you can just fly to place where you want to be. There is no speed limit in air, so you can fastly move from place to place. Important thing: dont search around, but just fly to place you need to find out.

You can also summon a lift, by giving command “Behind me is a lift!”. Then enter here, and press button with place you want to find out. This works everytime, if you have no problems in summoning things.

And my trought: maybe a summoning of portal would be a good idea ? Kind of magic maybe. It would work that way: at first you can see round blue thingy. Later it changes into a circle, and inside of it is blurried image of place you want to go. Then you step in it.

lol… well I managed to change my scenery by imagining some buttons/icons in front of me. I then told myself that when I hit this one I will be in outer space! And boom there I am in outer space… haha, remember though that’s the first time I had an LD with some control, and it was very low clarity too but i’m pretty sure it worked.

You could do a way, where you imagine that a door will appear behind you, and you have confidence, that when you open it, the destination you want will appear clearly and fully.

You could turn those windows into something positive too. You don’t HAVE to look directly at them while you get yourself to expect what’s behind the door. Look away while you do this. Then you can even check to see through the window instead of having to open the door to see if your place is there.
You could try to sweep your hand across the window too, to change the scenery.

Why not try clapping your heels together three times whilst repeating “There’s no place like (insert destination here)” … LOL, let me know if that one works.