Changing your eye color

This is something I never thought I’d do, but lately I think I figured out how to change the color of my eyes.

I did a little research, and supposedly the only way to change your eye color is through surgery, colored contacts, age, disease, and sun exposure. Obviously, none of these are for me since I want to change my eye color fairly quickly and temporarily. (Also some of those work by damaging your eyes.)

So what got me thinking about this in the first place? I was talking to my girlfriend once, when I felt something odd with my eyes (hard to explain really…but it felt almost like they were dilated…but not). I saw she made a face of surprise, and I asked why.
“Your eyes just turned gray!”

Later I tried to do it again looking in the mirror, but instead they turned a yellow/golden color. I can’t be certain though as I noticed my vision became slightly distorted in color, but not much.

I’ve asked my girlfriend if she could find a setting on her camera that could take good close up pictures of eyes without any red-eye effect, since mine is very bad at that.

So now I ask you, any ideas on how to do it? Am I the only one here who can do it? How is this even possible?

[edit] … s003_2.jpg
This is how my eyes normally look (taken almost a year ago, but my eyes haven’t changed that much) [/edit]

i used to know someone who’s eyes changed color with his mood.
his eyes were generally a blue, such as the pic of your eye. but depending on his mood they would be grey, or green.
my brown eyes are always brown no matter what mood im in. but sometimes when the sun is reflecting in a certain angle, people say that my eyes look red (?).
i dont really think its that uncommon for a person with your eye color to have different shades at different times. some people dont even notice until its pointed out!

Well, it could be lightning, so you should try and add different lighting angles after taking a picture.

Also, note that changing should be either instant or about a minute long, but probably not within.

My eye color has always fluctuated between blue, grey, and green, usually somewhere in between, but sometimes there’s even a little golden or brown in flecks. I often check what color my eyes are whenever I’m near a mirror, but I’ve never actually looked into it.

People always told me it depends on the light reflecting off my clothing, but that seems so… random.

Same goes with me. Some people think my eyes are gray, but they’re actually green. You can see the green more when I’m wearing a green t-shirt.

Well, Ysim:

Its an interesting thought, without a doubt. Wish I could’ve seen it. Actually its been several years since I saw anything like that…though I’m not going to forget it. It was a tae kwon do instructor I had, whose eyes did change color, though it was with mood; I’m not entirely sure he was able to control it; though at times I really thought he could, since they could change very quickly. The most impressive was when they went from his usual blue/green to a steely gray; whenever he was angry or upset about something, or just with strong feelings (Not too often, and his control over it was good, but I could always tell because I knew him well.) Were you feeling strong emotion at that time?

You’ve got me pretty intruiged, so I’ll ask around and see what I can find out. :ok:

:uh: for anyone that comes on that actually knows about the changing eye color, is this only for people with lighter eyes, or can you change darker eyes, like brown or black?

My eyes are normally light brown with radiating blue stripes (I luv it) but sometimes they turn like an icky pale green/brown. I have a very interesting control of my body (makes LD a lot easier) and if I try I can dilate my pupils but it does not affect the iris.

I know someone who has eyes of very deep blue with white lines on it that makes it look like marble. In fact my Avitar is a pretty good picture of it.

Funny to read such a topic.

I always thought my eye color was different at certain times. On the other hand, I thought this was impossible, so I kinda ignored it. Well, after reading this topic, I’m definitely gonna watch more closely to my eyes, if I think they’ve changed color.

I have dark brown eyes most of the time. Though I have seen them lighter than normal and when trying to change them in the past have made them a light yellowish brown.

Some people may tell you it’s all about reflected light and that if you just catch someone at the right angle the eyes will appear to change colour. But I have sat in the bath with a mirror and changed them to yellowy brown, so I can’t believe it is just light.

I’ve never been able to change my eye colour instantaneously or willfully, but over the years my eye colour has changed. when I was younger, I had mud-brown eyes. but they eventually started acquiring green flecks, the green eventually consumed the top half of my eyes, while the bottom remained brown. then the green grew downward and created more of a crescent shape around my pupil, with the brown crescent-ing around the green. then the green would sometimes fade to grey, then back to green, and now, I’m not sure what they look like…checks in mirror now I have a green-grey ring around a ring of brown, then my pupil. also, if I stare at something intently, the green will fade to a more greyish.
all this has happened over the course of many years, though, and I have no idea what’s caused it.

Can you, with all your special colors in the eyes, take photos of them?

My eye color changes with my moods, sort of like a mood ring. :lol: When I’m happy they’re dark blue, when I’m neutral it’s a lighter blue, when I’m mad or upset they turn this blue-ish steel grey color. My dad’s eyes are the same except his eyes are hazel. When he’s really mad they turn bright green with a brown ring.

With quite a lot of people the colour of their eyes change with age… And The Evil Manifestation…I can dilate my pupils too…grins just tried it…weird feeling!! laughs

My eyes have always changed colour on a day to day basis. They tend to get lighter as I feel more happy and energised (and in some cases hyperactive!! laughs)… When I am relaxed they go a very dark brown but when I am angry they can go a rich mahogany, and often in the evenings too. I’ll try and post a pic of my eyes at some point… I’m just beginning to get control over it… its like mediating but instead of focusing on your inner self, you have to focus on your forehead and eyes… I don’t tell people as the last person who found it out, told this little girl (about 7) and she wouldn’t go near me for ages! She ran away crying!! laughs awww, bless her! :tongue:

Eye color variation is common. The actual color variation is commonly called Hazel. The variations are caused by Rayleigh scattering, depending on the environment and lighting. An interesting fact, the US Military won’t let you list Hazel as your eye color, you have to choose a single color.

My eyes also change color with my mood. When I am full of zest, my eyes become a dark green color. When I am less excited or depressed, they are a dull brown color. It also depends on the lighting. Sunlight or flourescent light makes them look different than incandescent (sp?) light.

If you want to change your eye color, you might first investigate whether your eyes already change color naturally, and figure out why. If for example, your eyes change color with mood, then all that is necessary to change your eye color is to control your mood :tongue:

it might be that you are seeing that yellow ring around your pupil turning out of proportion because of a dilation
See the Ring
but if you get anywhere let me know (my eyes are some weird blueish-grey, to the point where i might be seeing them as blue because that is what i want to see)

I looked at my eyes earlier in the mirror. They had an indistinct multicolor appearance. It was kind of a greyish green that almost looked brown, with no distinct rings of color other than the pupil and a thick blackish-green ring between the Iris and Sclera.

Apparently this is how they look most of the time.

My eyes are blue on the outside, and dark green near the pupil part. But I’ve been told that I have blue (and sometimes grey) eyes. I don’t know, But changing your eye color seems really cool.

Dilation of your pupils deals with the light hitting your eye. Try this. Turn off the lights with a mirror in your hand, or in the bathroom, stay in the dark for about a minute or two, then look in your eyes and turn the lights on. Your pupils will rapidly change.

I asked a very close friend about your eye idea and heres what I got:

“I looked it up, It looks to me as though it is a common Wicca Magick spell. called a “glamour” spell. It’s just illusionary, and it probably won’t trick people who know you too well-like your parents or spouse. Because they KNOW what your eye color is, so they will see right through your illusion. I am not too sure if it’s possible to effect a phisiological change in your eye color. If you do it mentally, it’s just going to be mental, and can be ignored or believed by the onlooker as they will.”

YISM, it doesn’t sound like what happened to you, since your girlfriend should know you well enough to see through it. Does anyone know about this kind of illusion?

I’ve been working on controlling the dilation of my pupils, and I can do it when I’m trying once in a while, but I don’t know if this’ll help at all… Isn’t the dilation caused by a muscle?

(It’s been a while since someone posted here…)

I’ve known people that eyes change with there mood.

Mine can change with my mood sometimes also. I did focus on them once and I swear they changed but I’m not sure how I did it.