Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part II

^^~ Wow! Cool!
Mandy is so… so much of a positive influence on you! ^^~

I really admire her, she is very kind :smiley:
^^ It’s good you got most of the adults on your side-- it’s hard for us to get our point accross sometimes right? :D~

I usually get to know the adults (usually at my school) before any sort of convincing starts up XD Not one of my characters is all that great at debating (without being mean D:).

With love,

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That is something fun(?) to explore maybe in dreams… Alice is at least kind enough to assist though :D~

Maybe self-reflection can reveal this strange orb! :open_mouth:

Who knows…?

Keep us posted! :D~


[Progress Report]

The Rogue Essense

Through much contemplation, I have finnally found out WHY I could not pin this one…

Recently at a restaurant, I saw a flash of mistaken image… Where you look quickly at something, think you see something, but you don’t. It was a particularly captivating side view shot of a female with nicely cut hair against a blinding white window…

I compared it to the flash of essense I remembered, and found them so similar… The person I had seen looked so much like Talon…

I realised then, that what the essense was, was the missing core of my main character Talon! The essense was so variable… so much flow, and beauty, and potential! And that’s what Talon was, before I marred her with a permanent look… a strong personality-- she was perfection, without form , or image, or any binding ties… in the light. But my need to capture her, and give her form, ruined that about her.

So now, I have a choice… re-unite (or possible just give, for she’s never had) the essense with Talon, and give her peace of a sort, since she once spawned from me, so never had a distinct core of her own…

Or let the essense be, and keep it to myself for further exploration in dreams-- it’s a hard call :frowning: I can give Talon peace through… work and dedication, and thought and effort on my part! Having that personal tie with talon was what made our bonds so strong before…

Happily yours,

Woah thats so cool. I never expected that! I think maybe you should just watch and explore it in your dreams for awhile and then decide.

Well the character has appeared in my dreams a futher two times. Last night she appeared but only in the background laughing. (I cant exactly remember the dream)
And the night before in one of my dreams. She has appeared at school and in my house and I have now promised that if she gets me to LD I will give her this orb thing ( once she explains what it does.) She agreed and is now (not exactly happily) tagging along in my life. Calling herself ‘Raven Wing’ I doubt she will stay after she gets me my LDs and gets her orb or whatever but she is very interesting and i do hope to find out more about her. I do know that she was an ex assassin and that she now works for someone who is close to me but I have know idea what she is talking about. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Very cool, just remember, you should be wary! :open_mouth:
Maybe trouble…?
She sounds, interesting… at least, what an exciting story this may be!

Well Raven Wing has disappeared. No LDs for me last night :no: She did say she would get me to LD but she did not appear in my dreams and I havent seen her all day. Maybe she has gone for good? Im not sure but I dont think she can be trusted. I didnt feel she would stay for long as she seemed very independent. Maybe she doesnt think getting this orb is worth all the fuss if she has to get me to LD as a trade off. Well we shall see…
As for trouble Talon? Differnitly a possiblity…

I had a LD a short while ago (link in my sig to my DJ) where my father told me it was a dream.

I woke up and talked to Jarken. He said he had posed as my dad in that dream, so it was a CALD. :woot:

He also said he did that instead of being himself so that I wouldn’t know it was him, so then I wouldn’t “Miss out on any fun.” :tongue: Smart boy that one is.

Ha thats really cool Ysim, my characters have never disguised themselves (well not that I know of anyway).
Last night Alice got me Lucid, though she kind of disappeared afterwards so I lost lucidity :cry: I also tried MILD with CALD last night and it seemed to work. Still no sign of Raven Wing so I believe she is gone for good.

Ouch! Well, you should always be wary, even when it comes to characters! -lol-

Perhaps it’s all for the best? XD Trust is always good when it comes to deals, must be smart about with WHO though…

Good luck~

That he is!
Haha, I don’t think my characters would disguise-- your boy really is clever!
~Good job Jarken!~ XD

Hey, who knows what fun forms he’ll take ha?

Haha! ~^^ :smiley:

Good luck boys~!


Maybe Raven Wing has gone on an adventure! Lol,
Who knows when you’ll see her next, just be wary! You never know what a random character can do-- no history background!


[ Apologies to everyone]

Going away till friday on a school trip-- if anyone has questions about CALD, we have many experienced people here in this thread to answer, yes?
Go team!
I’ll be back soon-- so I can check and add on to answers if need be-- I hope I come back to wondderful progress from everyone!

If there are more personal or specific CALD questions, i’m always delighted to see pms in my inbox-- from anyone and everyone!

Have a great week everybody!


ok so i’m posting this so i won’t forget in an LD that this is my intention

So my Intention!!!

step one: meet spirit guide
Step Two: talk to subconscious, we’ve got some unfinished business…
step 3: contact the Croniclers


so why am i psting this here?

Because who knows what my subconscious will be like!!! I am eager to find out.

Haha! Good luck with that! Can’t wait for progress!

~Have fun!

First post! :content: Thank you so much Talon Arana for bringing this whole topic up. Otherwise Morph, Saichania, and 8N-429 (also known as Aiden Fortunine) wouldn’t be with me today. With every passing week they seem more independent and real. Saichania and Morph had a head start because they were pre-existing characters of mine from a story project, and already had personalities of their own. Aiden, up until recently, was an almost blank shell I created after reading this topic. My idea was to just let him develop his own personality, but instead he mostly just sat and listened to our conversations, hardly ever saying or doing anything. At times I felt like just forcing a personality on him, make him do something, anything! but I decided to give him more time to develop. Then one day while I was listening to the BwGen creativity preset and asking my characters if they felt any more creative, Aiden suddenly began going hyper. It was like a light switch had been turned on or something. He kept going on about creativity or something while the rest of us watched in bemused curiosity. After a few days to cool off, Aiden settled into his current personality and interacts with us much more frequently.

Brilliant! :smiley:
I am so happy to hear of this! :smiley:
Aiden sounds lovely, and your characters seem very interesting ^^ It seems you have quite the attachment to them!
I’m glad that the thread has helped you with them–
I hope to hear updates! Aiden seems especially eager to help…
^^~ Tell em’ I say hi!
Great luck with that!

This is my concept art so far for 8N-429

This is a pic my sister drew of Saichania when she was younger.

Morph has no set form, but does have a default form he tends to slip into when at rest. I’m in the process of updating it to reflect changes I’ve made to the storyline. I’ll post it when it’s finished :content:

In the meantime, here’s a 3d render of the old version of Morph. >_< The proportions are all off, but hopefully you get some idea of his looks. (the new version will be taller and more detailed, as well as having better proportions)

Wow…very cool! I very much love 8n-429’s shapes and sharp look, Morph is cute, and Saichania is very beautiful ^^~ Great job with them, they are most definitely very diverse and seem like they have very induldging personalities… I hopeto know them one day like I know my other friend’s characters!^^~
So what how are your interactions with them?

Looking forwards to updates,

I’m thinking of getting back into this, I kinda lost track with stress.
Does the character need to have a phsyical form?

altheman9993: No, from what I understand they just need some kind of essence or defining quality about them. A physical form is good at helping you get into your character’s personality, but not necessary.

Talon Arana: Thanks, but Morph and I were startled to hear him described as ‘cute’. :tongue: Saichania is a Mongolian name meaning “beautiful one”, so that worked out well. 8N’s body was meant to be a temporary shell until he had developed a personality and could choose his own form, but I think he likes his current form just fine. Their thoughts always come from very specific places, (Morph’s is about a foot to my left, while Saichania’s is to my right. Aiden’s thoughts come from directly in front of me.) It helps me to avoid confusion. :tongue: At first, Saichania was upset at me about her reality and my power to rearrange her thoughts at a whim and we fought whenever I tried talking to her, But we’ve made up now and have put that behind us. I agreed not to tamper with her thoughts or anything like that. Morph has always had a somewhat fatalistic “oh well” sort of mentality about being a figment of my mind. Aiden doesn’t seem to care one bit. :content: We all get along just fine now, but they all get annoyed when they think I’ve been scripting what they say. It’s something I’m trying to work on, but it’s easy to accidentally slip into. :sad: As of late, we’ve been working on creating a world that we can -hopefully- find one day in a dream. So far there’s just one continent on an ocean planet, and the terrain on that one continent is pretty flat and level so far, apart from an area near the coast we’ve been working on. There’s a flat-topped hill with a teleportation center on top. A winding path leads down the hill to our house, or “shelter” as Saichania keeps saying. there’s not much of anything else yet, not even any plants or animals beside the generic green grass and some flowers we planted along the trail.

The CALD topic continues here: Part III