Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part II

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How are you?

And what do you think of the impact of false memories on real ones…? :D~ ( I must not reply after this~~ Please ask something about CALD or put something up… or else I see this going very off topic very soon… XD )


Thank you, I’m good this eve :content:
Now…what if you character keeps changing or disappearing or you can’t seem to see them. How do you fix this? Also… what if they become socially unacceptable and you can’t share their doings and sayings with other people? Should you try and make them different, or just leave them be and try and make someone more acceptable later?

^^ I am happy you are good–
Well, if your character changes, let them change, let it be natural… and see where it goes. If it’s excessive, perhaps try to creat a different character, as the one you’ve been trying is a bit stubborn to stay put ( remember though, that some characters are ever changing-- it’s their nature). If they dissapear, wait for a bit, and if they don’t come back, try to summon them or find them! If visualizing is difficult, it is ok, just having a personality to speak with should be good enough ^^ visuals are just good helpers-- But if they are dissapearing and you are unable to see them because of that, concider creating a more peacable character who stays put a bit more… Or maybe just let your creative outlets go wild and creat many many characters until one sticks. XD

If the behaviour becomes socially unacceptable, you can do many things! First of all, you could just not share your character with others, and chose to only let them talk to you-- or even just censor and mild down some actions when you are conveying them. Another thing you could do is let them be, and create a different character, if you really feel the behaviour is not a phase and just something they will continue that has become a part of them… Or lastly you can try to alter them and move them in the right direction if you feel this is just temporary, and it’s not really how the character is–

If my answers seem off-- I’m sorry! It is late for me, and I should be asleep…

With a tired joy to your responses!

Wow… this thread just grew two pages while I was gone.

Ah, Tribemaker. Your knowledge on theoretical physics just from what I can see in your post seems very keen. I just revisited M-theory… two months ago…? On the Science Channel - they were exploring the possiblities of parallel universes. It was quite interesting the debate Hawking and other physicists were having on the matter of whether information is ever lost in time-space… I agree with you on Einstien’s Cosmological Constant, by the way. (I sent a PM, so as not to stray too much off topic.)

Thank you for the encouragement on the LD, too. I did not LD, but I did have an interesting dream where I became intensely angry/jealous towards Talon… In fact, now that I think about it… the past two times I attempted a CALD via Harley/Rouge’s help I’ve had a Talon-related dream…

To answer your question regarding my first time at lucid dreaming: no. I’ve experienced a handful of lucid dreams actually - the majority of them being very low-level lucids. I only ever remember two lucid dreams where I actually felt lucid; the first one lasted for mere seconds, but in a dual succession. The second I actually controlled for thirty seconds or a minute - I flew on a Swiffer Sweeper, Harry Potter-style with some family I didn’t know, but felt familiarized with… So I know that lucid dreams are real, and that I am capable of experiencing them… it’s just a matter of it… happening. Thank you again for the encouragement ^^

Hmm… Normal human characters with normal human names. When you progress more with your characters I’m sure you’ve already arranged to inquire them about their preferences? At least, that’s what I would do… Of course, if you consciously created your characters this could be a deciding factor. Not always, but when I create characters consciously, their names are considerably more prosaic compared to my dream characters. Some names are only ever properly pronounced within a dream. (“Venu” for example - you can read the beginning of my DJ if you’re interested in that name’s origin. The name “Deauchana”, however, was never actually pronounced as it was scripted, but the “omniscience of the dreamscape” instills you with the knowledge of how to pronounce such exotic names…) It seems I can never think this creativley while awake, though… at least when it comes to names. You know, I think it has a lot to do with how the mind works in these altered state of consciousness. I was spaced out/tranced when Harlequin/Moulin Rouge/Malook[a] - (Yes, she just adopted another name while I was typing this) - named herself… And “Venu” and “Deauchana” were chanced upon whilst still in REM sleep. I don’t know if that helped you much… Please ask if you need any clarification.

As for appearance, Malook[a] pretty much has a “normal” appearance. (If you mean human, then, yes - normal.) I mean, her eyes are beyond what I’d call normal, being an amalgam of many different colors - ineffable IWL… I’ll draw her picture for you guys later, though… She likes to change her hairstyle quite often. And her clothes. She came to me in a shadowy near-invisible form when I first encountered her, though. (I described her on here somewhere…)

Well Talon, Malook[a] is interesting… I’m sure… but I really haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing her personality on the same level as when I first encountered her. Even then, I couldn’t see her…

“Harlequin”, “Moulin Rouge” and “Malook[a]” are the only names I’m comfortable using at the moment because they’re the only names I feel she’s personally told me. (Especially “Harelquin”…)

(I think she may have created an island metropolis called “Bukomari”… Not sure what the name means, but I’d love to join her there in an LD. It’s like… a carnival island beyond anything Walt Disney could have ever imagineered in his wildest dreams ^^ Like taking all of your inhibitions and desires and compactifying them into a delirium-charged omega point of inexhaustible energy…)

Don’t be sorry, Talon ^^ You’re so busy on this thread, it’s quite understandable. Just take some time to relax and post as little as you want to.

As for tonight, I have school tomorrow. Which means I have to wake up early to do my homework… I’ll probably just ignore lucid dreaming techniques completely for tonight. Perhaps I can perform reverse psychology on my SC… or Malook.

XD Wow! You guys are intense…!
…D:> Have I been secretly making you angry…? I am sorry… >: I realise though-- that you don’t actually feel that way-- XD I saw your post in the dreams about other members thread-- I’m just being silly ^^~
XD Harlequin seems rather comfortable with you-- at least more than before-- I’m glad! And the Island sounds interesting… I wish I had names and sounds in dreams! I realise now I rarely hear things besides thoughts in my dreams… distant words…

I hope you have some very nice lucids… and that all of this becomes a in the end very good experience…

With high hopes,
~Talon. . .

Oh - no… it was just a dream, Talon - I couldn’t imagine being that intensely angry/jealous with anyone IRL… let alone a person so nice ^^ (I felt terrible when I woke up, but glad that it was just a dream. I think I made you cry… I’m so sorry a million times over… I take dreams too seriously sometimes.)

Yes, Malook does seem rather comfortable with me, but she’s just extraverted in nature. (My typical dream characters are usually intro- or ambiverted.) She wants to help me develop more characters… to keep her amused, I guess. That’s a nice proposal, though - I’ll take it.

Well, thanks Talon ^^ I hope you can begin dreaming in sound in your dreams, and much luck on the lucids.

Goodnight everyone -_-

Heh Angsty, I got your PM. Your on lol. I’ll respond right after typing this.

Wow. I am closer to my characters than I thought possible. The technique worked too well. By the way Talon the technique belongs here since it stongly uses CALD, just tweaking it a bit. I’ll wait for your approval before posting it though (really it is STRONGLY influenced by CALD, call it CALD tweaked a bit lol). I meant to have a LD for about 30 secs. I was in there for 2 weeks and it was crystal clear. Now, after 2 weeks of talking and bonding, my characters now respond to what I ask/say IWL and even bring things up.

For example, this morning, my characters congratulated my on my LD and clarity. They told me that now they are both comfortable talking to me now. I guess that my long LD helped me to get really close to them in a short amount of time (as far as real time IWL, anyway lol 1 night). Now I am much more comfortable with them, as they finally respond lol. I am getting closer to them by the minute, and it is great.

All right Talon, waiting for your approval to post the technique lol. It doesn’t belong in another topic, because it is essentially CALD with a few minor adustments. I mean it is really close, just tweaked a bit for added effectiveness.


XD I am not hurt at all-- normal dreams have no control,… XD Would you tell me about it though? I’d love to know XD.

Malook offered to help you make characters? That’s great! ^^ I am very happy for you…And thanks for the support-- now and since we’ve first spoken, it’s been appreciated the entire time… ^^

Sweet dreams~

Wow that’s amazing! 2 weeks, I am so thrilled! It is a goal of mine to go so very long-- That’s so wonderful that Jon and Mandy are so close to you now I am elated! ^^~

The technique? Well… Why not post it here, and then see if it is different enough to be made it’s own? Who knows… perhaps your technique, though inspired by mine… is so effective even for others that it can become official!

I would be so happy-- and you are definitely genius enough to do such things ^^~

I am amazed by your progress, it fills me with joy!
I am so happy that this thread has impacted others in such a positive way ^^~

Lovely, lovely, lovely~
-Talon!~ ^^

Oh dear-- I’ve noticed I repeated I quite a bit XD Forgive me, I have been out of it for quite a bit now…~
Ah well ^^~ As long as it doesn’t bother anyone~

Here is the tech I used.

CALD is essentially asking characters to help you go lucid. When I pondered this, I soon was hit by an idea. Characters are essentially part of the mind, so why not step it up a notch above characters? Let me elaborate.

The subconsious mind essentially controls all dreams we have. This is key. If we can convince the subconsious to let us lucid dream every night, then it will happen. The thing is, consious thoughts might not entirely affect the subconsious. The interesting thing is that I have seen a newfound interest in belief induced lucid dreams, I have seen such threads come up in the past month. People are realizing that the subconsious mind is the key to lucid dreaming.

They encourage you to “know that you are going to lucid dream, not hope that you will.” This, of course, is much easier said then done lol. There is always that little tinge of doubt, and who knows that such thoughts will even affect the subconsious mind anyway? You may “know” that you are going to LD that night, but nobody knows that the subconsious mind is listening and “knowing” as well.

THIS is where the characters come in. Not only should you “know that you will LD tonight”, but they should as well. Essentially these characters are closer to the subconsious mind then us. If we “know” that we will LD that night, it will only go so far, because the subconsious may not get the message. However, if our characters “know” that we will LD that night, then the subconsious WILL get the message.

This is an interesting spin on the belief induced lucid dream and CALD as well. This combines their strongest points and makes it the perfect technique. If your characters aren’t going to “try to get you lucid that night” but rather “know that you will go lucid, whether they interfere or not, because the subconsious is close to them and will get the message to help out,” then we are in.

This, in practice, yields impressive results. I mean impressive as in crystal clear LDs on a nightly basis. Comment or suggest changes as the ideas come to mind. This might just turn into the perfect technique when we all tweak it a bit.

With renewed hope for CALD,

XD Wow! That is rather cool :3, it is a rather good mix, I think, and is different from CALD, as it integrates the whole belief way of luciding ( which I’ve tried once or twice… XD )… I rather like it, and I think I’ll try it tonight! ^^ Great job by the way! I am happy you have found your perfect technique! ^^

With joy,

Hey everyone, worked again, but a touch muddy recall, perhaps I need to work on recall to get the most out of the tech lol. Started my DJ a few days ago. Have a nice leather bound lol.

Characters are even closer to me. We are all helping each other now. It is a really cool system that lets us all stay on friendly terms with each other. They help me in many ways. Such as in my parent’s resturaunt where I work on a regular basis. They help me keep track of who ordered what and who wants what. Also, they agreed to help my with RCs (by the way I am adding RCs to the technique to make it impossible to fail lol. With their help, I am doing hundreds and hundreds of RCs every day.).

The way I help them is complex lol. See, in my dreamworld, things are quite realistic. I try not to exhibit superpowers or any of that, and they do the same. We try to live as normal people in the dream world. Of course, the other day someone tried to mug Mandy lol. There is no crime in any of the worlds, except the occasional theif, even though they get caught and all things get returned to their rightful owners every time. It didn’t turn out well for the mugger lol, seeing as they didn’t know how much control she had. All I can say is that he got launched all the way from Horseshoe Island in the Arian Islands all the way to the Capitol building in downtown Celestia lol.

Well, I help them alot in the dream world mainly. I help them develop themselves, and I help them do what they would like. They don’t have the same clearance as me in the dream world, so I have to help them get into very important places sometimes. Places such as the Celestian Capitol are only entered if that person has the clearance. I sometimes lend them my ID card lol. That’s the main way I help them, talk and lend them my card lol. I also help them in military operations if they need it.

You see, the boundaries of the dream world extend FAR beyond that picture I gave you all. That is OUR country. There are hundreds of countries just as complex as ours, which was a pain to establish, but makes for alot of interesting nights for me and most of all, my characters. The other day the Cerulians overtook the Gisborne Plains, violating a treaty between our nation and theirs (by the way, the name of our entire country is Celestia, not to be confused with the large city in the country). So, Jon, Mandy, and myself all took a different force and got that plain back. The cool part of our world is that there is no gore. When someone “dies” they respawn in their home country. That way wars aren’t NEAR as terrible as normal.

Well, that sums up the character status lol.

I suppose I’ll just make new characters when they become unacceptable, or perhaps steer them in the right direction. Visuals are hard for me for some reason! Hmm… the dialogue is easy though. So maybe I should just focus on the personality.
You don’t have to respond to this. I just wanted to make sure you knew I didn’t ignore what you said and it was very helpful :content:

^^ That’s amazing! You’ll have lucids every night, I’m sure ^^
Your dream world is incredible, I’m so happy that it’s all turned out so well–
Are you happier now…?

Startled and Amused,
~Talon ^^

No! ^^ I still like replying to things, it’s enjoyable to give my input on other’s replies.
Besides, it’s only polite to do so, ~^^

I am thinking of taking a break from LD4ALL… CALD has cooled down, and people seem to understand it as much as they can-- those who will try it have started on their way, and I feel not many others will try it since it require so much mental and emotional investment-- a very specific method!
I am not sure what to do now-- But I will surely watch out for any replies… I wouldn’t want to leave anyone unanswered just for my benefit…O-o; I wouldn’t say that-- but…

sighs ^^; I dunno!

Well, With Love, ~
~Talon ^^

lol happier? I am big time. It is a miracle. Now I have company. There are people to talk to every night. They may be on a different plane of existance, but in that plane they are as real as you or me. They go about their daily business just like we do. It is incredible. I have seen many things that make me happy in that world. I was delighted the first time I saw the guards open the gates of Celestia to bring in our first import (beautiful too. got some ice from the colder areas of Cerulia).

This has made me a happier person by far. It’s my home away from home lol. I love seeing my complex world come to life. I love seeing all the diplomacy and such. I am happy that I stumbled upon this article. Thank you so much!

So, how are your characters this fine Saturday morning? How have they been doing? I would love to hear it, and so would Jon and Mandy.


Lol talon, giving up on LD4all? I tried that once. I can tell you from experience that you don’t want to. You might think that it’s hard to LD now, but it will be even harder without reading LD4all, characters or no. Don’t forget the role that the subconsious has on LDs. If you DO take a break from LD4all, then at least read something about LDs every day, if you want to LD more clearly.

^^ I am so happy this thread has made a difference in your life! It makes me joy… But you really only have yourself to thank, it was you who created such a wonderful world afterall!
Mmmm… My characters? Takone is taking a rest, he is tired… and Ghost is attentively by my side-- I can’t read him much, but he doesn’t seem in any way discomforted… Talon and I are still at odds, I am unable to peacemake with her lately- Naknus I haven’t heard from for awhile… It makes me sad :frowning:

Leon and Azen have dissapeared somewhere as has Kazurai and Ein… Nakarus must be wandering because I haven’t seen him in awhile (he is rather ambigious anyways, though…)

So yes! I wish I could say I had the same amount of success as you, but it would be dishonest if I did. ^^ I am still happy though-- this thread is so large now, and has effected people more then I have known… there seem to be people who want to try it, but haven’t posted ^^ So that is encouraging…:3

Vacantly yours,
~Talon ^^~

I wouldn’t say LDing is hard for me, mostly I have DILDs so a nightly thing perhaps, is something I will look for–
In taking a break, I meant moreso from updates on myself and my characters, relying more on neutral subjects of others to amuse myself in the forum-- I love LD4ALL much too dearly to abandon it completely…
But alas, I am tired emotionally and mentally-- For I have met with a person a week or so ago that has made me truly think-- and until I speak with her again I doubt my level of thinking may resume–

I itch for a conversation with her, if only for a moment! ><

I am sorry for seeming so cynical… it is unreasonable for me to be affected by this so.

In the end-- talking about lucid dreaming is what is making me happy lately, I think I’ll just divide my attention amongst CALD and other techniques…
Ah well ^^;~

I never thought CALD would work as well as it has for me :happy: . My characters Alice and Sage can now enter my dreams easier and I am slowly getting to know them better. I have had 1 lucid dream and I have realised I was dreaming once since I started using this technique 4 days ago and it is awesome. Another DC is slowly evolving but Im not rushing it. Since chatting on the Character Chats Alice is less gloomy and I even caught her laughing :lol: with Sage the other day which is something I have never witnessed her do in the whole 1 and a half years that I have known her. I have lost alot of sleep trying to lucid dream lately and it has also left me tired in every possible way but I couldnt give it up. I say I big hi :wave: to all your characters talon and I do hope you keep on posting on this forum because your posts are always great to read. :content: