Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part III

I think, personally how it works-- is since they’re contained within your own mind, that you’re sort of just suggesting to yourself through them to go lucid… But it could be taken in all sorts and kinds of ways XD

As for your character-- It sounds like a great plan XD I don’t see way too many reallyreally giving characters, I think It would be interesting to see more of those :3 Maybe you could update if you do make one, yes? :smiley:


Got it and replied~ ^^ I hope it helps to clarify things!
Just remember, :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t be afraid to post stuff on the thread! It would be good, since I can spread the knowledge around :smiley: It would be good clarification to others as well ^^~

~Tal :smiley:

Yeah sure. It’s just that my characters are always based off something in real life. Someone I’ve met, or an actual character from a film. So hard for me to come up with something random, I’m not very creative :tongue:.
Perhaps I could make use of some internet random name generators :razz: something…Mysterious :grin:

^^~ Haha, Perhaps.
Well! Anything you make, is really just for you… As long as you’re happy with it, yeah?

Good luck! Hope to hear from you :3~

Well I already had a char like that (guardian), which is a pack of wolves, I just hadn’t given them permission to roam my mind in order to protect it. I fixed that problem that night. Thanks for the answer, it gave me a new angle to look at it with.

That’s good ^^~ I’m glad it helped XD
Good luck! I’m sure with your pack of wolves, the problem won’t arise again~

~Tal :smiley:

So, to make a character that reacts on its own, you basically have to roleplay with yourself?

I’ve done that all the time!! But I never thought of actually using them to help me lucid dream… Hmmmm…

Ah no offence ment here Talon but WTF are you on about!!! :eek:
CALD is a very unique and fun technique and I would be very sad :cry: (and Im sure other people would to) if you took away CALD. CALD has boosted my imagination given me ideas for stories, poetry and sketches. Ive gotten to know myself better too and my dreams! Of course theres going to be the odd person that questions it but thats ok.
And you dont bother people well not that I know of at least! :grin:

Haha, well that’s good ^^~
I’ve met a few people who have already started that part up-- :3~ It’s-- I guess it’s a form of roleplaying with yourself ^^;~ Interaction between you and your own character-- But the character is more automatic about it’s responses, rather than being a puppet… :stuck_out_tongue:
So I suppose-- yes, XD That sort of interaction does make them react on your own…

If you start up using them for lucid dreaming induction, could you give us updates as to your progress! I’m sure we’d all love to know ^^~

~Best of luck!

Ha… ^^~ Thanks Astraea… I’m happy you think so :P~
I’m really starting to get embarrassed that I put that up! XD~
It makes me happy that it’s been so beneficial, and that you’re so supportive–

Thanks :3~ I think I will handle this with a bit more grace, since I know I have support… :P~

Thank you~ :smiley:

Three random characters (one already appeared to me in an LD long ago) came to mind last night and automatically gave me responses that I didn’t force… Their names were Takra, Nemo, and Qual. I asked Qual to help me LD since he appeared in one before, but after I asked him we talked for a while and I pissed him off… so I guess that pretty much lost me my chance last night. :lol:

i don’t know if this has anything to do with it but…

well last night in HI i saw one of my RL friends, and since i was kinda MILDing although half awake i asked him if i was going to become lucid, and he said “oh, totally”

now i noticed that with my friends i could visualize them almost perfectly, and even match the voices perfectly, so i cycled though all the friends i hang out with a lot and did a bit of a MILD/CALD, although with real people.

I’m going to keep trying this because i feel it might go somewhere, i suppose it is a variation of CALD

if you havn’t created your character to the teeth, try using real life people you are around a lot!

Anyway, like i said this method will require further testing but hey, last night was the first night i had good recall in awhile.

This whole dream character thingy kind of reminds me of the movies Paprika. I mean, “creating” a dream character based on your own alter ego.

I loved that!

Chiba: Why won’t you listen to me? You’re a part of me!
Paprika: Haven’t you ever thought that YOU are a part of ME?

Well :P~ It’s good you already have the characters up! It’s a good start ^^~

It seems as though you’re already well on your way! :smiley:
Good luck! ^^~ It’s great to hear your update so soon!

Hope to hear more!~

^^~ Well that’s interesting! :smiley: It’s really cool… I had never thought of that!~ :smiley:

It sounds like your got good results~ ^^ I will join you in testing!
Y’think it’ll go far?

~Joyful and hopeful,
~Tal :smiley:

^^~ Hmmm… i’ve never seen that movie, perhaps I should go and check it out O-o; :smiley:

I know of one character here that was sort of like an alter ego, but not many past that-- :stuck_out_tongue: But guess I can see the relation XD~

I wonder when i’ll have a go-look-see… Wonders~ ^^~


Whoa! That sounds… O-o…
I need to go see this movie! XD

I think others on this thread can agree some of their characters might have had a sort of reply like that :3~


I probably won’t ever say such a thing to my characters… Heh. They might get pissed at me again… :eek:

Yep. :content: