Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part III

^^~ Well that’s good, you’re conciderate, at least! XD
I wouldn’t really say such a thing to my characters purely for the fact that I can’t really control them, just have the ability to stop them if needed O-o; XD~


:stuck_out_tongue: Care to share?

XD But anyways-- that has to be the most straight-to-the point post I’ve seen here XD

Ha… The way characters are made on this thread, tends to lead to that reply, I think :stuck_out_tongue:


Well since asking Emanuel, Felicia and Karma to help induce LDs I have got some pretty crazy dreams appearing. And I have had many moments when I have nearly become lucid.
Emanuel and Felicia have made themselves right at home in the castle. A couple of nights ago I went into Arveyas village, its really neat but totally ancient. Im also surprised at how many people there are just wandering around getting on with their lives in my brain. I can now roam freely in the meadows and hills of Arveya and am no longer always stuck on that god damn cliff. The castle is really huge and is situated in the mountains. Its ever changing and the corridors in it always lead to something new. My favourite room that always seems to be there is a semi circle room with huge windows looking out into the gardens. There a red velvet window seats and a huge fire. My characters and I use it for lucid stuff like trying to get me to LD and stuff.

Wow! Astraea, that sounds amazing ^^~ And I’m so happy to hear about the good progress with Emanual, Karma, and Felicia! ^^~ I like their names as well :smiley:
Your castle sounds absoloutely charming! And the village seems beautiful ^^~ Your world of Arveya is definitely quite impressive, it seems so tranquil and calming~ ^^

I’m glad for all the good things happening! :smiley: Things really seem to be going well ^^~

Good luck! Looking forward to good progress…
~Tal ^^~

Thank you Talon! Arveya is differnitly progressing at a surprising rate.
How is Serpentus? Is he still causing mischief?

Haha, it would seem so! :stuck_out_tongue: I look forward to the new developments!
Serpentus? XD Haha, no… he’s just lazing about and hanging around! XD He’s not been visiting Aria lately, but the adorable thing’s just been laying in the branches, staring around :stuck_out_tongue: I Don’t know why his idle staring has been so appealing, it just has XD

How about your charries, how are they?

~Tal :3

Talon Arana, got something for you.

A few days ago, this women I think of… I asked her to help go lucid. I didn’t, but she touched my hand and I felt it.

I looked on a dream interpretation site (I don’t trust them), but I found something interesting.

“To dream that you are being touched, represents your closeness and/or relationship with a particular person. It may also mean that you are connected with an aspect of yourself. Or you may be feeling emotional and sensitive.”

Could you tell me what this might mean?

My characters are good. Last night I did get chased around the castle by a very mad Sage because I had ‘accidentally’ put black felt on his dress/robe type thing.

Sage: hey it was totally uncalled for! you asked to be chased!

Sure… :roll: Felicia Emanuel and Sage get on tremendously and its nice that Emanuel is a bit shyer than the rest of them because Sage and Felicia have enough energy and confidence for the whole of Arveya. Karma is scilent most of the time and spends alot of her days in the forests of Arveya.
I love Snakes! So I think Serpentus sounds cute! Hows the rest of you characters?

^^~ Wow! Quite an experience… I sort of agree with the dream interpretation-- Perhaps you are feeling close with an aspect of yourself (perhaps your sensitivity? Being it was a hand ^^~ :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe it was that you’re proud of your creativity? Since hands create…)
:stuck_out_tongue: I’m honestly not the best one to interpret dreams, I’m not really that experienced :P.

But was this woman thought up by you, or dreamed…?

^^~ Intriguing! And rather deep, I like it very much :smiley:

~Tal ^^~

Haha, I’m glad that everyone seems to be getting along ^^~
It sounds like they’re all a whole bunch of fun! XD
Karma sounds interesting-- But Sage is ever lovable XD Emanuel and Felicia seem sort of mysterious O-o;;

Haha XD Serpentus is cute~ I’m glad you like snakes! We can share our love of reptiles, i hope :stuck_out_tongue:

My characters? ^^~ I don’t think I can say much, being that alot of how they are doing includes relationship statuses, and that those relationships have to do with another person’s characters, but they are generally contented-- No arguing too much, at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Great to hear from you! ^^~ I’m glad things seem to be going well XD

~Tal :3

Last night I dreamt that Tal was giving me tips on how to make my characters be more real and independent. :tongue:

Saichania and Aiden are a little miffed now that they haven’t yet appeared in any dreams of mine, yet Morph and Tal have both appeared in them. (Morph 3 times so far, and Tal once) (though all three of the Morph ones were before I had heard of CALD, back when he was just a storycharacter)

Hahaha XD Well that’s neat–

But hey, I hope they don’t get too offed, I’m sure that they’ll appear sooner or later! It’s interesting that Morphs popped up that much too-- :stuck_out_tongue: I am unfortuanate in that I only ever visually see my characters when I’m lucid XD

So have things been going well with your characters as of late?

~^^ Amused and happy,

[Progress Update~! ^^]

Yay XD~ I askedSerpentus to get me lucid today-- but from the blank stare he gave me I didn’t know if he got it…


Since he was a simplistic animal character, and he has a basic personality… I didn’t think it would change much if I took his point of view on things.

So I entered his head, and visualized myself standing there… And I repeated my request-- XD And found that Serpentus very eagerly agreed to try when he understood english XD Then I sort of felt him slither off into his tree, and stare at nothing–

XD It was a very interesting experience, I was still watching from is POV and it was actually fairly amusing staring into nothing XD.

Me: “Serpentus! Help me get lucid, yeah?”
Serp: -Stare-
Me: " . . . hey? You get my meaning?"
Serp: -Stare o.—.o-
Me: “Uhm…”

Then I try visualizing XD

Visualized Me: “Hey! help get me lucid, 'kay…?”
Serp: Suddenly feels eager-- Nodnod, slithers off

XD That’s pretty much the summary of it-- I was suprised how much the reaction changed once I tried that… I guess since I know English and he doesn’t…?

A whole new level of ‘seeing through another’s eyes’ Ha? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah! And all of this was before bed-- it felt very vivid XD

But yes-- I had to visualize myself into my Serpentus’s view, and after that he seemed to get the gist of what I was saying :3~

So last night, after that request-- started getting bored, and decided I’d try FILD/HILD, because it’s a fun technique ^^~ Then I went into that space of semi-consciousness, it felt cool floating XD I made sure to ask Serp again while I was floating…

Anyways-- In my dream… I saw my characters! XD
It was very cool ^^~ But darn my recall! I’m pretty sure before I saw them, I had a lucid-- I just can’t remember anymore… ><;; I just remeber it being a very dramatic dream, very cool-- XD I’ll post the miniscule bit I remembered into my DJ :P~

Serp was very useful tonight XD I think I’ll have to ask for help in recall next time I try, too @___a XD

~Good luck guys~! :smiley:
~Tal :3[/img]

I would love to try this, but I don’t but I don’t really know how. Could someone explain me on how to do this?

Well, ^^~ Generally, you create a character, either consciously, or take a dream character out of a dream… And you have them help you get lucid–
Mostly, you get them developed to a point of realism, and then just get them to help you get lucid…By asking XD~

:3 It seems to work for some people-- XD But it helps to have willing characters, as well XD

In part 1, there’s a link to a tutorial on how to make the realistic characters ^^~

Some people ask how it works as well-- I think its sort of a type of auto suggestion XD But I think CALD’s been used in WILD attempts, where the characters keep you aware…

But in summary, you make a characters (or retrieve one from a dream) and have it get you lucid… :stuck_out_tongue:

~But anyways! XD I hope that answered your question…
~Tal :3

:eek: I know the exact character I want :cool: So I’ll just imagine 'em during attempting wild and tell them to get me lucid right?

XD It’s good you have your character in mind-- but you can make them anytime you can concentrate! XD Already-made characters work better for WILD attempts :smiley:

But after you make them-- y es, you ask them to get you lucid ^^; Some people use them more so as tools… I personally try to get them as realistic as possible-- O-o; Though I’ve found simplistic characters to be useful too… ^^~

Good luck!
~Tal :3

For picking the character, I’m just making sure, can I just pick one out of no where (none in my dreams) and I’m sure to enjoy that character?

^^~ It’s a personal choice, you’re allowed to chose any character :3
You can make one, or chose one, it doesn’t matter. :3 As long as you can develop that character and communicate with it. :3

There’s really no many restrictions when it comes to this technique ^^~ It’s a very varying tech… :stuck_out_tongue:

From one individual to another~! :smiley:

Good luck!
~Tal :3

Well Sage almost got me lucid on Friday night which was a surprise. I think I was trying to bury him while he was yelling at me that I was dreaming :neutral:
My characters and I have been doing alot of auto suggestion before I sleep and it seems to be helping alot.
Congrats on your awesome progress Talon. It must have been so cool seeing your characters!