Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part IV

^^~ I’m happy to hear your opinion of CALD is positive? Haha XD I wish you much luck in your lucid dreams ahead ^^~ Maybe something glorious will come out of this! XD

Mecha: O_O CALD has the little underline-thingy with info about it now…

Yay! finally i just noticed that too

Saichania: Not in your world of course, but I resent the constant reference to us as merely “realistic puppets”.

Some of us start out that way of course, but eventually some of us become little subsets of our human’s minds, thinking relatively independently, having our own worldview, feelings and concerns. Of course there’s always a built-in kill switch in place in case something goes wrong with us, as the human is ultimately in charge of its own mind, not us, (no fear of one of us doing anything to harm you even if we wanted to)

This is the same point of contention I had with Mecha when I was first created. (we fought and argued a lot during the first couple of weeks. Mecha was nice enough to try and sort it out instead of just ‘getting rid of me’ and starting over. shudders)

I don’t know, maybe I’m just a free thinker. Morph, Aiden and Crysar were never too troubled over being MCs, or the level of control our creator was capable of over us, but I was. (we’ve become friends since then and I’ve let go of my fears, but they were certainly there in the beginning)

I don’t want to scare anyone off, but there’s potentially much more to us than just being puppets. I can understand if that’s all that people want, but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with taking the next step. I’m speaking from my own experience as one of Mecha’s MCs and I wish you all well. Happy Lucids guys! :content:

Ahhh, I’m sorry guys. It’s more just to clarify, I believe all things concieved thought of or being able to be experienced exists-- though not nessisarily in a physical way.
I have a thorough belief that my characters exist on a non-physical level… and have the potential, and force that demands more than the reputation-- as you said, or realistic puppets. :C
Unfortuanately, it has to be open to interpretation. Define “Real”. It becomes a huge debate-- But in my opinion, it not as solid as physical or not.

Is love real? Is anger? Happiness? All non-physical, but perfectly real.
A step further-- spirits, spiritual guides, ect…

sigh But it all comes down to the flexibilty of the term, and unfortuanately, it’s difficult to appease the need of a description while appeasing all takes on it @____a.
I hope not to insult anyone’s beliefs, whther they be on a physical plane or not.
The best I can say is, while using CALD, it’s best not to blur the line between physical and non-physical reality… @___a



Well, it’s hard to say what one should or shouldn’t interprate their characters as, though I do agree with Talon that it’s probably not a good idea to think of them as a physicaly real, seperate person, for sanity’s sake (That is what you’re saying, right Talon?) but then again, sanity is in the eye of the beholder, as an example-- if a man says he has spoken to God, one man would see him as enlightened, another man would see him as insane. but the majority would see him as insane. The characters are figments or fragments of your own personality, but that’s not to say they can’t become more… Just when you start physicaly hearing them as when someone spoke directly into your ear-- and they tell you to kill people… then something might be wrong :confused:

My main two MC’s, Violet and Kordic are supposed to represent the two sides of my personality, much similar to Angty’s Eany and Meany. Violet is the kinder, more caring side, and Kordic is that unforgiving, sarcastic, rude, overall more bitter side. and I too have them color coded with blue and red (Wierd coincedence :eh:)

Hmmm, well, I do think that clear boundries should be set as to your own, and your character’s status, but the line between reality and not is blurry anyways. Example: Lucid dreaming! XD How can you tell that you are not actually dreaming as we speak, and that your RCs are not failing you now…? Is waking state not just another form of consciousness, what dictates real…?

But I think what I was trying to get across trying to be clear on boundries… Maybe for sanity’s sake, and maybe a bit so that CALD is not mistaken as a pathway to delusion.
But this is turning steadily into a debate of where characters stand in the basis of existance, and their origins… these things usually spur out into the contemplation as how to treat a character, yes?

Hmmm… I think I’d prefer to keep on topic, and have this intriguing idea be made a seperate thread-- anyone up for starting it?

The line between reality and not is a bit blurry, as it comes to the definition of reality, which differs from one person to another.
The important thing is, is not to let characters come to affect you negatively-- that’s all I can ask for :3. Keep a rein on, and be happy with your characters! XD As long as they do not compromise your daily life in a negative way! That’s all I want to get across, I think. ^^~


I have let go and kinda started over with my characters. It was hard though. They’re names are Alejandra and Kate.

Aiden: eep…

Morph: The Catgirl’s gone now? :neutral:

Wow, I’ve never seen anyone just pick up a new start-- Well, good for you!
Have you gotten some details about their beings yet? Any thing to share? :3~?

Totally curious as to the new entities-- hope to see it soon!

Whoa, Aiden! XD Hiya buddy X3~


Well, I got them from different web comics so I already got their personality down and what they look like of course. However, I did get a new cat girl (kate) and she has these tiger stripes and purple hair. Alejandra is a cow (human form of course) with black and white spots.

my thing is, how can you talk to them outside of a dream without being a sceztophranic? (spelling, i know.)

It should have said how in the tutorial thingy. You should just talk to yourself (almost) and you should just get an automatic response. Whatever you get first is what they say.

Well not quite…^^;;
It more so that a character is created consciously-- that is, when you’re awake.
Some people take character they’ve seen in dream to do this as well, it’s not that they appear on their own to chat.
In earlier threads, it’s been elaborated on as to how to create a character for this purpose-- but people have internal dialogue enough that having that process on the inwardly isn’t too off.
It’s a common misconception that all characters in CALDcome from dreams, but it’s more like enacting a conversation consciously on in internal level with a character you’ve created previously.
You don’t talk to yourself, quite…

Hope that helped!

Well that’s quite nice! I hope you enjoy interacting with them, hopefully you can get more personal with them soon enough. :3~

I absolutely love this idea of creating characters and interacting with them with the dream world.
I’m a bit of a writer and like to write short stories and articles and will hopefully, one day, try my hand at a novel. Iv often thought of using LD as a tool for creating worlds and characters to then write stories about.
I have to say though, that I am 30 years old and Talon, only being 14. Your creativity seems to blow mine out of the water.
Your imagination and creativity is fantastic. To be able to create characters as life like as you have and to interact with, with in LD as if they were reel is amazing. I have not read all of these threads, as it would take a week but have skimmed through. I have really been inspired by this idea and am going to have a go at creating some life like characters and a fantasy world in which they live and I can visit.
I have often wondered if you can have relationships with Dream Characters in the LD world, and I think you have proven that some people can.

I think I will add to my characters (I’m not going to re-start; it just seems too harsh). I just love my avatar so much that I will make a character of him. I just need a name, any suggestions?

^^~ Wow! How kind of you :3~ I’m glad that you found CALD, then! :happy: It’s encouraging to see another who enjoys the concept ^^~ I’m really happy you took such interest-- Wow! All these threads? It really would take forever…

Is there anythings you want to know? All of these pages are locked away with me-- I’ve read every post on this thread faithfully! :3~ And I’d be happy to locate any information you’d be looking for-- And if the browsing is to just get a more complete oversight of the new tech, that’s great too ^^~

I really hope to hear from you if you chose to pursue CALD! It could be very much fun to have somebody else’s info added to the mix ^^~

Why not enlighten us of your ponderings? I’d love to know, and I’m sure others would as well :3

Much luck and love~! :love:

^^~ Why not let a name come to you? Just set up a bit of a personality and see where it takes you… :P~ I’m glad to hear you’re not entirely restarting! It would be difficult, I think, for anyone to just pick up and start again…

Sorry for the late reply! Ohhh Hectic school…

Hope everything comes to a lovely blossom Kt! ^^~ Waiting for updates…

~Tal :3

I found a name for him and it is Andy. I like the name and so does he :happy: