Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part IV

^^~ Congrats Kt! I’m glad you guys found a name for him that you both enjoy ^^~


Ok I guess its time for me to update…
Not much has been happening at all for me with CALD . I havent really been trying to lucid dream at the moment because its just been so relaxing not doing anything this holidays. Ever since Alice has gone its been harder to keep in contact with Sage, Emmanuel,Felicia and Carma but I did visit Arveya a couple of days ago and my how it has grown in my absence, I did the right thing leaving my characters in charge for Arveya has flourished richly. There are many towns and people and the land itself has morped in new ways that I cant really explain. Everythings a lot more vivd. Once I can be bothered Im going to explore deeper and hopefully converse with my characters more. I hope everyones characters are well!

I think i’m going to start trying CILD again, i have my mind set on it plus i have two character i could talk to. One is called Leachy, he’s something like my SG, a green dragon as big as a horse who can change shape and colour whenever he wants and a black cat-like creature with white wings called Angel, who i have seen quite a few times in my dreams. I’ll post tomorrow if i get any results, although i usualy tend to drift off to sleep no matter what i try so im not sure this’ll work… WIsh me luck!

I hope you succeed! I find seeing my characters in my dreams a great experience. Your characters sound really neat.

Astraea! :3 Good to hear you’ve went to visit your world, it’s interesting for me to see other people’s takes on the theory of mind worlds-- It’s nice to know you can left it grow without active thought! :smiley: Hope your chars are well, and that good experiences will grace your next update :3

Queen SD It’s nice to know you’re going to start up with your CALD attempt ^^~ Always nice to have someone join the team so to speak! :D!~
Your characters sound rather nice, I like your concepts on them. Leachy and Angel? I would look forward to any updates iif you left them! :smiley:
Best of luck! Hope wonderful things progress throughout your time :3~


Hey guys! ^^~
Been quiet enough, I know-- But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on it!

Collecting data on CALD has been fun thus far ^^~ Much like MILD, I’ve noticed people who have been actively thinking about the CALD theory, or practicing the character interaction with it have had some noticably different dreams upon entry-- Some people noticing lucidity moments?
I’m thinking, perhaps, that intergrating more sign recognition into the character interaction would be helpful–
Still compiling data as more of it comes :3

On a side note-- I’ve come to a conclusion that CALD more closely could be catagorized as a character creation theory, with very maluable uses-- I think most CALD users will agree that the focus is mostly in creating the characters and the actions with them, rather than the actual lucidity induction ^^;~ (Moreso of a nice plus? XD).
In anycase, I’ve found character interaction is so entirely intergrated into my being now on a daily basis (because of roleplaying everyday) that CALD for me, is more easily practiced when contemplating on the theory, rather than direct character interaction–
However, direct character interaction has proven to be a doorway to many an interesting dream ^^~.
Also-- Through the continous use, I’ve learned to recognize the conditions of dreams, and I have much more frequent DILDs. This is contributed to by the “just be sure you’ll have a LD” attitude that is taught in one of the LD programs available on LD4ALL (I forget which it is D: ).

Hoping that everybody is still enjoying character interaction and the occasional use of the CALD concept ^^~.

[ On a personal side note: A new boy has stepped onto the scene to join my group-- Soos. (However, because of his difficulty effectively communicating, this is just the nickname given to him for now until he can utter a solid name for himself). He suffers some mental illness, so I find his mannerisms and erratic behaviour to be unnacceptable for character interaction online. However, in creating him and think about him before bed (as I often find myself developing characters as a good way of getting to sleep) I’ve had some rather-- Peculiar dreams, often linked with the interaction I see between him, and my other boys… ^^~]

Just a quick update ^^~
Much luck, and happy lucids!

Well everybody, I’m back :content: … sorry I’ve been away for so long, I’ve been trying to graduate number 1 in the state. It’s taken up all of my spare time lately, no time for the net. By the way, I haven’t done too well in the number 1 in the state thing lol. However, I’m back for good (hopefully). Looks like nobody’s posted here in a while, but it’s a sticky so I won’t worry about bumping it.

Even though I’ve been off the net for a while, I have still been trying to learn more about CALD. I think I’ve come up with a fascinating discovery that I’m looking in to. Let me explain.

First of all, all of the characters you knew and the world that I had created are all gone. New mindset, new mind, new characters, I guess you could say. I have changed a lot in the past few months, I guess my mind reflects it. I have one character now, and she’s still in development. Her name is Arya (pronounced Aria, no connection to your Aria as far as I know Talon, she just picked the name). She is rapidly developing, and is gearing up to be the closest and most complex character I have ever had.

Anyhow, on to the new theory. Talon, you kind of stumbled on it as well.

“On a side note-- I’ve come to a conclusion that CALD more closely could be catagorized as a character creation theory, with very maluable uses-- I think most CALD users will agree that the focus is mostly in creating the characters and the actions with them, rather than the actual lucidity induction ^^;~ (Moreso of a nice plus? XD).”

That Talon quote will help you see where I’m coming from. I was running on mile 4 nonstop in my Personal Fitness class (I swear that madman coach must have been a drill seargent in the marines) and I was about to collapse. I was so exhausted that I just cried out of desperation to Arya, “Help me!”

Suddenly I could feel adrenaline and endorphines flooding my system. In English, I felt great, felt no pain, and my body suddenly thrust into overdrive. I finished the 2 more miles without even blinking, it was so easy. Now P.F. has been a breeze as Arya is helping me.

This made me think of just how many fringe benefits character interaction has. It amazes me. I love interacting with my character, and obviously it is improving my daily life in many ways. I have had such fascinating chats with Arya at night during LDs. We always just walk around and talk, or sit down somewhere. I can talk to her more casually then my previous characters. Tonight I am going to meet her during an LD and ask her about the P.F. interaction. I am fascinated.

Keep me updated on that new character Talon :wink:
Good to be back, and sorry about the long post (as if you aren’t used to it from me).

Wow-how! Amazing progress ^^~ Intriguing note about the running, by the way :3
Characters are always in development and movement with me D: I wouldn’t be able to log it easily from the sheer amount of interaction with my, and my best friend’s characters everyday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Super amazing! You’ve always been an epic, Tribe-- But do tell, any particular structure to your newly reflected world?


I think the structure to this new world is that there is no structure. There is one restaraunt that always stays crowded. That is all that is stable. Arya and I talk there alot. Heh I like her better then my previous characters. She actually has a sense of humor, and makes me laugh. It does kind of get bad though when she tells a great joke or says something really funny in the middle of my stiff and boring honors classes. Laughs in there are about as common as flesh-eating viruses. So Talon, how have your characters been? Get me back up to speed, lol.

Wonderful :3 I have friends that similarly don’t restrict themselves in structure ^^~
But at least Arya makes you laugh, right?

My characters? Well, it’s hard to say-- Naknus is mostly the focus with his husband (who is with my friend) and takone’s been waiting for, and thoroughly enjoying character chats :3
Tako’s always eager to talk! ^^~ Naknus? Not so much-- only with individuals he interprets as “moreso intelligent”. D: But… otherwise-- it’s just the continuous adding to my and my friend’s shared roleplay history… [ 2 1/2 years, everyday and counting! Yeah! :smiley: ]


wow 2 and a half years every day…that’s incredible. So, the same old characters for you, that’s good. I like them all lol. It sounds like Nakus is largely the same. You gotta appreciate his consistency though.

“Naknus is mostly the focus with his husband”—I’m not too sure that I got that. Is he married or something to a character of your friend’s? That would be pretty cool…

And yeah, Arya makes me laugh. It’s good to have a character with a sense of humor. I was playing basketball the other day and she kept me in good spirits. She also corrected my shooting, and I outscored everybody lol. I am quickly liking her.

Wow ^^~Looks like you’re working out just fine with Arya

And Naknus? he’s really different when he’s with his husband-- and yes, they’re “married”. For the consistancy we talk, it works out kind of ok for them :3
Though I digress, Naknus likes his privacy and is growing impatient :[

My history with my buddy has resulted in two historic Eras and a sub era events-wise :3 All about transition!~

heh a different Naknus, I can’t even imagine it. Two historic Eras, you and your friend seem close. Your characters must be close as well seeing as they’re married :content: .

I must say that I am amazed how your characters interact so well with each other. I am also amazed with how you manage them all. I spend all of my free time talking to Arya, I couldn’t imagine so many close characters. You, my friend, are a much stronger person than me lol.

Well, no one outside my friend really knows any of my charactrs very well, with perhaps the exception of everybody and Takone :3
But, I won’t get into their relationship, :P.

Mostly, I let everybody go along and do their theing D: Otherwise, I mostly actively talk with Naknus :3 It’s not so hard-- they there, and existing… Though, the differences between physical and non-physical planes have been causing a distress with some characters having to cope, being born from a mentality living in a physical… yeah :C.

so wait, your characters just do their thing, and you just hear them randomly come up and speak to you now and then? That sounds almost alien, because I’ve been in constant communication with my characters. I must say that the concept is interesting…and pretty cool

Well, no. My characters-- though not oftenconstantly attended, don’t really initiate conversation. The only one to have done that is Naknus, and this is only on ocassion. I’ll check up on what they’ve been doing, but that’s it… It’s just as I treat family and friends-- I can’t constantly be with them (I usually wander off to other thought or am too preoccupied for 24 hour watch) but I like to know what they’re up to :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s how it works for me-- there will never be on set system for these things, :P.

wow, Arya and I both initiate conversation equally, and we are talking almost all day, and then all night when she gets me into an LD. What sets her apart for me though is that talking to her never gets old. It’s always interesting, fun, and funny. We do have good fun. I can see how your way would work, though. I guess it just wouldn’t appeal to me personally lol. I’m a freak, what can I say

Nah, different people, different systems. It doesn’t mean a thing at all that we have different ways of doing things.
It’s good you guys have fun, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
So what do you guys talk about?

heh, everything…We talk about complex stuff like morality and whatnot every once in a while, but usually it’s casual. We joke about my classes, about people, about life in general. We also roleplay alot. She talks and jokes with me about the coach in P.F. class to keep my mind off the pain in my muscles lol. We just enjoy each other’s conversation and love life.

Even now she’s joking about a girl who was being really mean to me today for no reason. I told Arya that I should have told her “Grow 2 feet so I can see you without bending over and we’ll talk.” Arya just said, “That would make her a midget. That creep’s too short to be a midget. I hereby dub her an idget”

Just stuff like that. Really casual and fun. (If not rather sappy lol). What do you talk about with your characters?

Haha! Oh wow, just like old friends. :3
Me and my charries? Mostly, it will be about immediate situations I’m in, or concerns, aggrivations, ect. concerning their lives/ interaction with my best friend’s characters, about how things are going in roleplay–they regard it as entertainment, like t.v-- but they’re the actors, but also the viewers… Like third person dreams? :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually immediate stuff, but me and Naknus have dabbled over the differentiations between non-physical, and physical realities, and the things they have to deal with having those differences…
From what I’ve seen, it’s hard being seen as from a general perspective, invalid-- for not being physically tangible. But then, what of love, happiness?
ect.ect. :P~
Mostly, with a few exceptions, the character interaction is between the characters, and us(me and my best friend) when relevant :stuck_out_tongue: