Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming...CALD part VIII

Nice to see all of our new faces. I’m back again after LD4all forgot to tell me there were new posts. Actually, I think I’ll change my notification settings a bit, see if that helps. To Threthedj, as was said, CALD won’t make you go insane or give you any push in that direction. Your character is a sentient being that exists in the mental plane, and just as long as you don’t get the mental and physical worlds mixed up you won’t have any problems. Also, as Tiny pointed out, authors do it all the time.

@Jorge: That technique is definitely worth a try. I think I’ll go ahead and give it a shot when I get a chance. Thanks for sharing it.

Things haven’t been so good for me with CALD lately. As of a week or two ago, I suddenly lost my connection completely to my characters, and I’ve not been able to get it back. I’m sure it’ll work itself out with time, though, and I still have Chameal (who isn’t a character designed for CALD, but rather a roleplay character who ‘came to life’) to work with in the mean time.

How does one mix up the physical and mental worlds? Is it a common occurrence? I’m pretty level headed so I probably shouldn’t worry about it but I am curious haha

Welcome again Wolvendeer.

I hope you can recover your connection. Im sure about you can do ti.

Is when you can’t distiguish the worlds anymore.
You can’t tell if what you see is physiscal any more.

Obioiusly this is very uncommon if your mind is healthy. So don’t worry. :smile:


Alright sweet :smile:
Is there an official guide to the actual character creation process?

Of course. Here it is: … r=asc&&sta rt=30

Scroll down that page until you see huge post of Talon, thats the tutorial.

Uff it was hard to find.
Does anybody knows where can I request or help to make this information appear as a individual topic in the main FAQ & TUTORIALS page? :confused:
I would love to help extracting information from forums and compiling them into solid tutorials so everybody can acces them quickly :grin:

There is also this. As far as extracting information, it should be a regular function of the Scribes. If you want to, you could create a CALD summarized thread like what used to be done with some of the “big” threads. I’d be more than happy to work on that or help work on that with you if it was something you wanted to do.

Yes, I’d be happy to become a scribe but I only have 14 posts and I need at least 50 “usefull” postos to become a Scribe.

Of course!! I wold love to create an important thread.
I like this forum and making important contributions would be great.
So yes, I want to :grin:

Well, see what all interests you in the forum and make some posts with your opinion and whatnot. You’ll get there before you know it. In the mean time, I’ll see about getting some projects set up for this and other relevant/important threads to be summarized.

Ok wolve, thank you. I’ll contact you as soon as I get there.

I would love to see a CALD FAQ with some of the individual posts like Talon’s character-creation overview that JorgeLTE linked to! I don’t have a lot of spare time, but if a FAQ was started as a group project I would help when I could.

So I think I might be on the verge of gaining another character. I was talking with Jet while trying to WILD last night, and for a moment I had a perception of a definitely masculine character. I asked Jet who it was, and apparently he parks his spaceship in the docking bay next to hers. She said that he’s not much of a talker, but she’s going to try and find out more about him for me. (And she didn’t react vehemently like she normally does when I suggest a new character.) I’ll have to see where this goes…

Also on the topic of WILD, I’ve been experimenting with counting most of the time and then starting a conversation with Jet when I start having an uncontrollable urge to move. I haven’t succeeded in WILD at all, but I’ve noticed that I feel the urge to move (and swallow) less when I talk to Jet some instead of counting the entire time.

I will check with Q about getting it started and make sure she has no problems with it, but in the mean time, if anyone who isn’t a scribe wants to help out, we could use a list of all of the questions that need to be answered here.

Oh, and another thing is that thanks to that tecknique, Chameal managed to make an appearance in my dreams. It was short, and I don’t really remember it, but I’m about 90% sure it happened. :happy: Thanks, Jorge!

No problem Wolve, keep it up.
Also I think that you should try to autosuggest yourself in order to, when you reach a goal in a LD or a ND (like talking with chameal) you wake up so you can have nearly perfect dream recall.

Now that Chameal have appeared in your dreams, you can ask him to make you lucid too!!!

That might be a good idea. Tried again tonight with little luck, but I didn’t put as much focus into Chameal as I had the night before last. Will try again tonight and see what comes of it. Also, Chameal’s a she. :razz:

Ohh sorry.

I’m sure that today I had a dream were Victoria appeared, BUT I CAN’T remember anything!!! Its so frustrating…

Do you know about any teachique to recall dreams during the day?

The only thing I really know is to expand the scene around any imagery that you remember. Like, ask what was going on around the person or image in the scene. What happened before? Why did something happen?

This may not help you, especially if you don’t remember anything, but you can take the fact she was in your dream and expand around that. Hope this helps.

Haven’t had any progress with LDs for a while :sad: I’ll talk to my characters about it, and hopefully they’ll give me some advice.

Can’t remember where I got up to with the daydreaming, though.
I remember that me and my charatcers went to a city to find the PSR General. He went to do a speech in that city to tell them that that city is now under Erehwon’s rule. We managed to catch him, interrogated him but he escaped, using magic that put us to sleep.

When I woke up; I was back in Eden. Lydia; Blaze and Hyperion were nowhere to be seen, so I was alone.
I went back to Erehwon to see if he had taken them there, and to my surprise they were there. They were all being manipulated by the General, and he threatened to “do something bad” if I interfered.
Hyperion (possessed) escorted me out of the Erehwon area, and threw me in the moat surrounding the city-like structure. I was back in the slum areas again…great.
And alone.
Something tells me that I won’t be seeing my characters for a little while. That is, until I heard two familiar voices in the distance…

It’s really exciting to see what scenarios my mind comes up with. I usually don’t think up the scenarios, they just happen when I get down to interacting with my characters.

Sounds interesting, Terra. :happy: Always nice to see what you are up to in your mindscape. As for me, Siberia started coming back around, but only when I’m around my brother and they’re playing their life sized game of Risk. She said she’d be back by now, but I haven’t gotten in contact with her really. Still no contact from Crystal.

I have been experimenting with meditation and Focus 10, trying to achieve a state that will allow me to meditate into a face to face encounter with my characters. The problem seems to be staying lucid while forgetting about the body. I feel that if I could get that down I could do it. I’m also somewhat disappointed with Monroe’s Gateway Experiences audio set. Perhaps I’m missing some background, but it seems a lot of the time he is just like, “I’m going to count from ten to twelve, and when I reach twelve you will be in focus twelve, with your awareness far beyond the limits of your body. 10…11…12…” I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with that. I guess first I need to figure out what focuses 3 and 12 really imply, and then figure out how to reach them on my own.

I feel once I master this, though, I’ll be able to commune with my characters much easier. Perhaps I’ll even make some guided meditation of my own to help me (and others) achieve it easily without prior knowledge of how to do it. I’m also not a fan of counting. It’s like, “I’m going to count. :happy::confused: Okay? Then what?

We’ll see what comes out of this, though. I’m also going to make another push towards polyphasic sleeping soon. I figure that’ll mess up my dreaming for a while, but it should make things easier for me as far as time goes, and so meditation will be once again the only thing I have for my characters. I’ve pretty much decided on Uberman, but I may end up going for everyman 1.5 instead.

MH…Wolve, I think that this is a little off-topic but talking about meditation…
Im having problems with mantras. They don’t work for me.

I was wondering if using mantras during meditation right before bed wold be a more effective teachique.

Also, have you ever tried to WILD while listening to a Binaural Beat?

Well, as far as bb goes, I’ve never had it work for me. It gives the impression that time flies by really fast, and it gives good HI, but that is the same no matter which freq I listen to. Also, I’m not so good with WILDing, though that may change with this exercise, as I feel it’s like school for WILDing, basically getting you in the state you’d probably need to be in to do it, but once again I’ve never done it, so I don’t know.

As for mantras, what are you expecting from them? How are you working them? I’ve used them before (and I’ve heard that a lot of people don’t ‘use them right’, check the tutorial section for an article on them), and I think that they are mainly just a bit of programming for your mind. You have to choose one, believe it will have the effect you want it to have, and then do it, kinda like affirmations. I would also get into a deep meditation before you worked on them, as that will help you out. Doing it before sleep would probably have the same effect as long as you weren’t too tired to really get into it. Basically, though, were I doing it now, I would start out with a full body relaxation technique to slow my mind down and make it easier to meditate, start meditating on the effect I want to bring about, and then start using the mantra once my mindset shifted to being solely focused on what I wanted the mantra to do (e.g. open my root chakra or opening a channel to my characters). I would think that once you do it enough, it’ll start working in more active brain states, and you won’t have so many problems with it.

Edit - As of last night (evening of 21 November) Crystal is back and all is well in the land of my characters. My communication has been restored and all is as it should be. Onwards towards the goals I mentioned earlier. :grin: