Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming...CALD part VIII

Yeah, Its just fine, if not better, although it differs from person to person. The fact that you think its a good idea seems to say that it would be for you. So go ahead.
And when did this split into another topic! breaks into song Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swifly fly the years…

PS and I think FILD is FInger Induced Lucid Dream

Sneaks back in I think it is an excellent idea. Also, I wish LD4all had told me there were people posting here. >.>

Oh so I’m nonexistent. No, Ill just retreat to the corner and sit in a fit of depression. Really, don’t mind me :razz: (again with that emoticon! :razz: ).

Really Eilatan, I highly suggest you go right on ahead and make those MCs. The more the merrier!

It’s too bad he’s not a big talker. Hm. He’s more the “silently staring at you till you get it” type. XD And lol FInger Induced Lucid Dream??

Me and my characters escaped into the forest North of Eden.
In the forest, we saw the Dragoon Knight’s girlfriend. She told us that they have a lot of Erehwon’s army trying to find us. We heard the Dragoon Knight coming, so we hid in a nearby hedge.
The Dragoon Knight thought he saw movement.
I found an Erehwon military mask, so I put it on to trick the Dragoon Knight. He thought I was searching for them, so I “continued doing so” while my characters went prone next to me.

After trying to sneak through the forest some more, the military caught us off guard and realised it was us. They began burning the forest down, trying to get us.
The PSR troops then arrived, and distracted them so we could make an exit
After hours (what it seemed like) of running through Eden Forest, we found an entance that lead to the outskirts of Helios.

Dragon and Hyperion were reluctant to take the elevator because Erehwon would eventually find out, and think that they are trying to start a war on Helios (Eden and Helios are good allies). We took the entrance, which lead into the outskirts of Helios.
There’s alot of derelict buildings, where it was 250 years ago. After getting through, we’d make it into the main city and think of something there.

Helios is actually easier to visualise because the structure is so basic.
It’s just hard remembering what it looks like when I’m dreaming, for some reason.

I’m in another LD hotspot, but I’ve had low awareness so it’s been a bit tricky for me.
I managed to stabilise a LD last night for 5 minutes, but unfortunately couldn’t reach Eternos.
Anyone have any ideas how I can teleport to Helios in the dream world? I’m not sure how to go about it. Spinning usually wakes me up, or puts me in a FA, making me loose lucidity.

I suggest a door. Just think about where you want to get to. Or maybe quick sand. Shrugs

I feel like stopping by and writing up a progress report. :tongue:

So far Molly is coming along ok. I’ve been talking to her on and off and every once in a while I’ll feel a response different from what I would have her say. Like I would come up with a response and begin to respond for her, and just as i begin I’ll get this feeling that she wants to say something else, so i go with whatever that feeling tells me the kind of response i should have her say. Also when i visualize her, her appearance becomes less and less different from what i initially imagined her as. I can see these are good signs.

As with Agnus I didnt really talk to him much. If i were to tell you how far i made it into the character creation tutorial, I’d say I’m done with step 3 for him. I gave him a background and a bit of a personality. Back when i initially gave him a name, however, he kinda had this android-robotic-ish voice. SO he will forever be a robot-type character :tongue:.

Though i have a few questions. What would it feel like when your character responds automatically? Like, Ninja, with your characters Tsi’leik and Jessica, how do you know for sure that they respond of their own will? Do they respond in the voices that you imagined them having (well except Jessica, you said she appeared well-developed out of nowhere)? Also, beyond the character chats, where else could i go to further develop my characters (not directed JUST towards Ninja, i mean towards people participating in this in general)?

sigh wow i made this pretty long i apologize. But guess it couldnt be helped :shrug:

Hmmm… Just keep talking to them frequently throughout the day. Youve been making really good progress on molly. Maybe ask more opinion oriented questions, or discuss intellectual stuff, to develop her independency even more. Thats why i had recommended the character chats, as it forces them to make their own opinions and interact with people other than you, so you know that you’re not making them say stuff. Any day now, if you do this, you wont even have to make the responses.

@Ninja: ooohh ok i gotcha. Thanks a bunch! I’ll go to the character chats now, now that you mention it, to help develope Molly more. I’ll have Agnus interact with others on the character chats also while im at it, even though i barely had a conversation with him yet :tongue:

Ah, we’re onto Part VIII now.

The door idea sounds good. I could open a door which leads into a room, and when I open another door in that room, it would lead me to the city. I’d have to have a clear image of it in my mind for it to work to the fullest.

I didn’t talk to my characters last night because I fell asleep too early.
But I plan to tonight, and for a long time. We need to talk to Helios’ mayor about Erehwon’s plans. And then I’ll see what my mind develops at the time.

Good luck, Tera. Just hold the image in your mind and step through. Hopefully it works.


It seems Teraflare, that you have made the common mistake of thinking that it is hard to do something. It should be easy peasy for you to get to Eden, and yet you cant. Why not? Because you say, “Ive gotta work harder to get to Eden, I cant right now!” Slap yourself out of that mindset! :truit:

Teleporting there is piece of cake, it’s just remembering what it looks like in a dream. I keep forgetting what Eden looks like when I become lucid for some reason. I don’t understand why. It’s like, when I become lucid I sometimes forget what I intended to do the night before I planned it out.
Hmm…I’ll ask my characters about it.

I can visualise Helios piece of cake - so I’ll go there too.

Anyways, me and my characters spoke to Helios’ mayor and he agreed to hide us from the military by hiding us in a penthouse.
Unfortunately, our building was surrounded by the Erehwon troops!
We managed to escape through the trapdoor, and now we’re on the run, through the streets of Helios. Yep, bad idea taking the fight through the the door of Helios…
Why are Erehwon so determined to capture us?

Odd idea, but have you ever thought of asking them? O.o You have to remember, it’s your dream and you are the complete master of it. If a part of your subconscious is chasing you, maybe you should stop running. Sometimes people only chase those that run. I think it’s worth a shot to ask them. Worst thing that can happen is you end up in a nightmare. But every cloud has a silver lining, so keep that in mind. Good luck.

The door idea sounds good - that’s how I managed to get places in some of my earlier LDs. I’ve been talking to my characters, and they told me I’m not believing hard enough, and they will assist me to get to Eden (that’s where I am in my visualisation at the moment).

I seem to be in a LD hotspot though - I swear I’ve had a lucid dream every night for 2 weeks!

A few nights ago one of the dreams I had were about my characters (non-lucid unfortunately, but one of my other’s was :grin:. Even though it never happened in the dream, I had a memory of escaping Erehwon’s troops by going to a space station…in space.
It turns out that this space station was one of Eternos’ moons, and living in it were humanoid beings, but they weren’t human. They told me (my characters for some reason weren’t here at this point) that they’d came hear to escape the Project, and they naturally adapted to the planet, but they still have to stay inside because they need oxygen, and outside is a vacuum.
Days later, Erehwon got to us and made a small dent in the glass, and the oxygen slowly escaped. I figured that it would take a month for everyone to be extinct.
Me and my characters went back to to Eternos to hide…again. We landed in Eden mountain range, where the PSR are building an extension to the city in the range.

I just have to remember to go there in a dream.
Last night in one of my LDs, I didn’t think about my characters, but had some fun summoning stuff.

Hey, all! Sorry I’ve been gone of late. Got in contact with Talon, and she’s doing well and keeping up with her characters, but she’s pretty busy with school and whatnot.

As for me, I finally got up the courage to tell a close friend about Crystal, and I’ve been in an excellent mood ever since. He was pleasantly receptive to the idea of her. :happy:

There are a lot of people that like the idea of characters. Welcome back, I’m newish. It’s nice to hear Talon is well. Post with us in the playground character chat, k? I’d love to see Crystal there.

I forgot about that thread. Goes off to find it

Yay! Talon iz alive! And hello again, been gone a while. Now goodbye! :razz:

I wondered what happened to this thread, lol.

Me and my characters spoke to the Valhalla guy, and he told us he knew more about the PSR General. He told us that the General would be holding a conference at a city to the far North-West of Helios.
We took the underground train station to get there.

That night I became lucid in one of my dreams. I closed my eyes in the dream scenes and when I opened them, I was in a futuristic shopping centre in that city. It looked really cool, and it was really vivid. I didn’t do too much in the dream, but I’m glad I visited one of the cities.

As for visualising the cities, I have a new technique.
I just let my imagination run wild and passively create the city. I tend to not worry about what it looks like in detail, I just let my subconscious think up the scene itself. If the scene doesn’t turn out as expected, I still continue with the scenario and continue building the city, as if I’m walking about in it. The further I walk, the more of the city I create.
When I’ve finished one section, I go back over it and add detail. It’s working - I managed to visualise a part of a city from scratch in about 5-10 minutes.
If I do this with the rest of my cities then I will be able to visit them - in detail.

But now, I’m currently trying to achieve vivid daydreams - so I can visit my characters in detail without having to Lucid Dream.
I’m currently doing some research about daydreams, and I’ll be sure to record my progress here. Last night I noticed a slight increase in vividness, I actually saw some of the images I was visualising.
Made city building a whole lot easier :happy: