Chase Scenes - Let's Talk About Running!!!

Whenever you’re in a chase scene in your ND either in position as the hunter or the prey, how do you run?

Are your legs heavy and feel like jell-o?
Does the earth below you refuse to move?
Or, heck with it, do you just fly? :razz:

Amazingly, my memory of dreams inside of dreams is phenomenal. I remember my abilities, places I’ve been – but I never remember real-life situations or memories. Anyway, I always remember that I CANNOT run well on two legs…

As a solution… I run on all fours… :wink:

In a chase I don’t run that much. Doesn’t happen often.
But when I run just to get someplace faster, I have the same problem. Two legs don’t cut it, I use all fours as well. Sometimes jumping along, gliding forward. It can get tedious. All fours is usually more stable. It’s more powerful too. The worst is getting stuck in the thickness and slowmo.
And sometimes I’m just surprised by a dream in wich running is just like normal.
I wish I could actually fly faster than I can run, it would save alot of trouble.