Cheating on your Exams by Dreaming

… well, dreamers deserve good marks :smile:

and if we don’t have the time, then, surely we need to make time:

two nights ago i had big engineering maths exam. awwh… it is not nice or easy, but i revised most of the material… anyway, so the night before it i have a dream. in my dream, i am reading through a particular question - about the conversion of parametric equations, so i begin practising it in the dream too… anyway, i wake up in the morning, and tending to take my dreams quite seriously - i should actually learn how to do it properly (in the dream I knew what to do, but not normally)…

So that day, go into the exam, and there is that exact type of question appearing on the second page. Ha! That made me smile!

Here is a basic trick for exam revision or prediction. Try and visualise an image that relates well to the exam you are doing the next day. Say as one example, you in the exam room sitting at a desk surrounded by lots of others on desks, or you looking down at the exam paper itself. Now you have to prepare yourself for this dream, telling yourself that you are looking for ‘important thigns to know about the exam tomorrow’. Whether you believe in psychic stuff or not, this will surely help you ascertain problem areas.

I bet other people have been given advice about stuff like exams in dreams. I would be interested to hear it. explora.

I hope to acheive consist lucid dreams by the time I’m in year 12 so the night before my all important VCE final exams I can summon Einstein to help me revise for my Physics exam or call upon Neitzche to get my thinking right for the Phiolosphy Exam. :cool:


Hehe damn sweet :happy:

a wonderful idea you have there ceavou,

good luck to you!

awesome, Ive been wondering about that before, if it is possible to practice RL stuff in dreams.
I supposed you could also prepare for a sports performance etc…