checkup time ;)

Hi everybody,

i want to ask you to take a look at your profile and check your avatar and sig settings.

The reasons for that is that some ppl still use too large avatars (max size is 65x65 pixels AND 6kb filesize) - So if you could please shrink your ava a little if yours is too large, thanks in advance!

and there is also a new guideline about the signatures. This is to prevent ppl from having longer sigs than their message.
Please use a sig no longer than 3 lines. like this:


if a sig is longer than that it verges on the border of being annoying - and after that it progresses into the “my sig is longer than my message” zone.

also: please use no images in your sig. Little smilie images are allowed though. :ok:

I have just updated the forum rules and all of this is in there too. I just wanted to draw your attention on it, so everybody is aware of the new guidelines (and preferably will follow them too :grin: )


Oh! :ack:

My avatar size is 9040 kb. Oops! Time to change my avatar. Please be patient with me because I want mine to be the best ever. :content:

It’s 65 x 62 though… mmm. :hmmm:

Other than that, I passed. :wave: I’ll keep that avatar in mind.

Lol DM7 your avatar isnt 9040 kb, its 9kb and thats just a bit over the limit :wink: oh yes you might have made a typo and ment 9040 bytes … :grin:

hehe… I dont even have an avatar…
Time to get one!


I just have to ask this? Why is there a limit on avatar size for remote hosting?

It doesn’t effect the loading time or badwidth usage of the forum in any way, as the loading will always be the forum, forum images, Avatars loaded from the server then everyone elses.

Just had to ask :wiske:

[i]sticks hand in the air

“Please, Miss. May i answer this one?”[/i]

I am on dial-up. I get charged for the amount of data downloaded onto my PC. I also get charged for each phone call that has to be made to get me connected to the internet. It costs money to read this forum, that’s why there is a file-size limit. Maybe if there was an option to ‘switch off avatars’ the filesize for avatars wouldn’t be an issue. The physical size of the avatars are limited because we all want this forum to look pretty. We don’t want people to have to scroll horizontally just to see the posts.

“Did I answer correctly?”

So far 3 out of 6 of the avatars on this thread already, are over size limit.
Please read: Avatar FAQ and Guidelines

:cool: I thought I was going to lose my little paw smilie, thanks pasQuale for still allowing small smilies.

While checking my sig I altered the smilie. :wiske:

My god, that is the WORST ISP I have ever heard of! Time to switch? Netzero is good, despite low costs!

Hmm, just noticed something…
DM7’s the devil!

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hehe, couldnt resist :tongue:

I think I found a good avatar… I’ve always loved lava lamps. so mesmerizing :happy:

Oh :ack:

Yeah I meant that. :shy:

I think my brain needs some help. :help:


Too bad I’m not devil anymore! Hehehe, I just passed nirivina and I love it. :wink:

Oh well… I’ll have 666 posts someday :cool_laugh:

my god that is the WORST ISP i have heard of in my life.

My i have the name so i can perminantly avoid it.

Seriously i have never heard of an ISP with such ludicrus things. Of course you can turn off all images in Internet Explorer, but i would seriously suggest finding a new ISP.

As for the option to turn off Avatars PHPbb is the only forum i have heard of that doesn’t have that option. Oh well.

Excuse me while i go looking gobsmacked at reality failure’s ISP. (get AOL - so it’s the most loved but a fixed price for no other limitations ain’t that bad?)

I get charged for excess bandwidth usage over my fixed monthly amount. I didn’t mean to state I got charged for time online also, I have gone back and edited it so now it doesn’t look so shocking…or does it?

Switching off all graphics is a pretty poor option, considering that’s my online hobby.
I miss cable.
Dial-up is so restrictive.

Let’s see those smaller avatars!!
Psst…if anyone want me to resize theirs, just send me a PM, I’d be glad to help.


I updated my avatar! Here you go. I pass everything now. :wink:

In case you’re wondering… I made that avatar myself with graphic program. I’m graphic nuts. Lol! :biggrin:

Do you like it? Do you think it suits me or what do you recommend? Umm, perhaps I should post that in under other topic since this discussion is about checking. :tongue:

hmmm… I like the new one just fine, DM7… however, your old one was good size-wize. I could edit it to only show the first frame, and not the animation of it fading in and out, this would reduce the filesize a LOT, if you’d like to keep your old one :grin:

P.S. – Forgot to ask, is that you in the picture?

Yeah, I have that old avatar for so long, I wanted something different so that’s why I decided to change my avatar instead of freezing one frame in order to reduce my avatar size.

And no, it’s not me in the picture. :content:

That’s a good one! :grin:


I like it!

It’s nice and bright…but I do miss your other creation…it’ll take some time to get used to the sleeping one now and associate it with you.


checks her signature It’s three lines… ^^;; And my avatar is 2.78kb.

All avatars in my avatar gallery are 1.25kb to 4.11kb. When one person uses a 2kb avatar and 1500 people browse this forum, it costs me 2kb*1500=3000kb=3MB of bandwidth. But don’t worry, I have enough bandwidth… I hope… I don’t know what my ISP does when my webspace has too much traffic.