Chi and Verpacena in dreams

Sorry if I misspelled verpacena. Verpacena is a meditation style very similar to the style introduced in the ‘meditation in dreams’ subject, with the slight difference that you are supposed to think of nothing, to eliminate all thinking altogether. I’ve never succeded in this method, but will try agian untill I do. Also, someone on another subject stated that they got dizzy and fell over after meditation. This was due to the fact that you must slowly bring yourself out of it.

Chi, I’m sure you’ve all heard about it, is life force. If meditation is carried out correctly then it can be used in amazing ways.

To learn how to use it, first hold your hands out infront of you as if you were holding a ball. Concentrate entirely on the area between your hands and also on your hands themselves.

The result after about two minutes of this is amazing, I won’t tell you what happens yet, just do it and keep an open unexpecting mind. You’ll know when IT happens. And when IT does happen try using it in a dream. Works millions of times greater.

Heya there. That chi exercise looks like doing a “psiball”. I saw this psiball technique at Could you please explain a little more about verpacena. Im interested now :grin:

Heh, just tried it in front of the computer, seems as if my hands were to magnets

reminds me of bruce’s energy work, except he doesn’t apply any real religious applications to it, other than saying it can be used for healing

(well i’d love to do that… doesn’t seem to have any practical use to me so far)

what i do for energy is just… imagine that something is passing through a part of my body, sometimes i have to envision my hands doing it… but like, you really do feel it after a few times… it feels kind of heavy… tingly… sometimes exactly like electricity

when i use it in the dreams, trying to make a psiball for example, i have a problem where the ball has a mind of its own… it might just be that i have low focus/confidence though…

but it used to be i’d draw a portal with my fingers and it’d turnk pink and i could go through it… but now… it always shrinks to the size of a necklace and i have to force it over my entire body… it’s very odd

I don’t know why on earth this happens other than I now expect it to… it might be focus problems?

When I do energy work in real life I can’t get it to spin in one direction constantly, it keeps changing it’s point of rotation, direction, angle… etc… though today I had some energy going in a constant circular motion through my ear for a few moments.

It was actually more of an act of NOT focusing than focusing… ironically.

I don’t really see applications for “chi” (what i would call energy, as far as I know it) in dreams though, you can do everything with it that you can with your imagination…

Now while you are like in an actual trance, returning to body, ABSOLUTELY… focusing on activtating different areas (chakras) and whatnot… it’s interesting… I think I got a different visual for each chakra while doing that once

then ended up involuntarily dreaming.

A magnet huh? Thats good. Very good. Actually the feeling I got was like fire or water. I’ve never met someone that feels fire, so I think that that further strengthens my idea that I’m actually very different to everyone else(MUTANT!)

i’ve felt fire :tongue:

I’m not such a freak!

I am only 15 though.

i tried the psiball thing, but i just got magnetism…but i used another tech.
keeping the hands a bit from each other, and moving them in cercular motions, after a moment you can actually feel the PsiBall, or magnetic feel pulling att your hand…

Yeah creating a magnetic full is fun, but… whats the use? One of my friend says yoiu can cure headaches with it… is it true?