childhood memories

recently i realized that i do not remember much of my childhood. things i used to like, do, how i was as a child and so on. i’ve been looking into family albums and asking my mom all sorts of questions about my past. i mainly want to know how i was as a child because i have this feeling that i’m not really being who am or who i want to be (weird). i figured the best way to have a clue why would be to look backwards to see how i was like at my basis. so far it’s been going on pretty well, i already found out some interesting things about the past me, but i want to take that a little further. one night when i was walking through my neighborhood there was this preformence of an elderly band. i stopped by and listed and suddenly i felt like meditating to the music. so i did and after a few minutes i had this sudden vision, for no more than a split second, of my kindergarden. i could feel and see and hear everything, as though i was really there. and after a split second it was gone. if there are techniqes that would help restore memories like that that would be of great help to my research. if anyone knows such techniqes or is able to link me to one, it would be fantastic. thanks.

You remembered your childhood through a reminder, some thing reminded u of it , to find a reminder to remember other memory’s would mean youve allready reminded yourself of what you forgot, train yourself to help surface memory’s by next time u come across a reminder , which triggers you memory use that reminder more often to see if that same memory surfaces, eg if you see an apple and it reminds u of the time u were in a field with you friends enjoying yourself , leave that same apple articles around your house in different places to see if it triggers that same memory it did before, ie go back to the elderly band on your street and see if it triggers that memory again,obviously it will bacause your hole point in going to see if does is all ready in your memory’s ,memory’s,mind,reminders,remembering,recalls,triggers , surfaced memory’s, are a very dangerous subject- you either reminisce on good times , or youd rather just forget, ****don’t be afraid ****