Chinese zodiac

Man… I think the Chinese zodiac is so much more on the money. I’m a rabbit and I am exactly described in the description of that sign… I identify with it so much. I was reading the description to my GF and she agrees. What are you? Does it fit? … index.html

I’m a dragon :grin:

"“An insatiable warrior, you become stronger after each defeat, and more invincible after every wound.”

This kind of fits in with the fact that I love those ads for Red Dragon.

with the guy going, “I am the dragon, before me you tremble”
I love that ad :cool: .

Does the description of the sign find sympathy with you though? I was suprised how much the rabbit sign describes me.

I looked at some of the other signs too and found them not much like me so its not one of those vague descriptions that you can say hey… I’m like that.

Well, I got the tiger sign. Parts of the description did fit to me, while others did not.

Im an OX-nothing really fits:(

I’m a dragon too. It actually does fit me surprisingly well :content:

You do know how these work, don’t you?

All twelve of those symbols each describe a few of the attributes that EVERYONE has at least some of. The idea is that you only read the one that applies to your birthdate, and hopefully don’t peek at any of the others. I read all of them, and with the exception of a few little things here and there, they all applied to me evenly. I bet it’s the same with everyone else.

“You will endure a hurtful love…”, “You will often let money slip through your fingers…”, “You sometimes lose your temper…”

Who can’t relate to those things?

I’m a rat and everything is either misleading, off, or completely wrong.

Atheist: you’re right on!

I’m an ox- about 1/5 fits, 1/4 n/a, 1/2 sort of and 1/20 nothing like me.

Maybe its just me then. I realize that normally zodiac signs are like that… a broad spectrum in each sign that could apply but I find the Chinese zodiac a lot more specific. The Rabbit sign describes me perfectly… the Dragon, not at all. Rat, no. Horse, nope. I find very little in many of the other signs that I associate with.

Oh wow–Chinese astrology…it’s accurate for some people, and not so for others. I’m year of the Snake (element is Earth), and while most of the points it touches on are true about me, I also identify much so with other signs (Dragon and Tiger, in addition with Snake).

I believe that you can also aquire behavioral traits from your parents astrology signs…

Year of the Snake, right here! :happy:

Wish I was year of the Dragon like Bruce Lee, though. Or Horse like Will Smith. Or Rat like Chris Tucker…:neutral:

I’m cool with the Snake, I guess. :content: Any other Snake years?

Dude, I’m a snake. And so is chris rock ^,^ Hahaha. Thats the only other snake I heard about thats cool. Martha Stewart is, but I don’t like her. -.- At least I think they are.

Hahaha!! I think the food she makes looks good–but yeah, nothing really interesting other than that. :tongue:

Chris Rock is cool, though! I think Layzie Bone from the Bone Thugz-N-Harmony is a Snake year, too, but without the Bone Thugz…hmm


I have a book on this and the zodiac signs actually come in ranks:

  1. Rat
  2. Ox
  3. Tiger
  4. Cat/Rabbit
  5. Dragon
  6. Snake
  7. Horse
  8. Goat/Sheep
  9. Monkey
  10. Rooster
  11. Dog
  12. Pig

Just for any of you interested :wink:.

I’m also a dragon, but unlike Bruce Lee, the description is so off that it seems like it was made to be inacurate. If I had a personalized zodiac animal, it would be the scared puppy.

:happy: That would be the perfect idea for a thread–Personalized-zodiac sign…Cool idea, Fiver :thumbs:!

I’m a dragon but I’m far from charismatic and sometimes far from lucky.