Choosing to lose lucidity.

(not sure if I’m posting in the right place, this is sort of an inbetween topic!)

What the title says. I was dreaming the other night that I was in a space station orbiting around some unnamed planet, the dream was incredibly vivid, beautiful, colourful and incredibly fun. Anyway, at some point I worked out that clearly this sort of place didn’t exist, and I became lucid. I wandered around for a while but the dreamscape seemed somehow less vibrant, less alive, and I thought to myself, this isn’t as fun as it was before I knew it was a dream.

After that I just sort of let my lucidity slip away and the ND recommenced.

Anyway, what I’m asking is whether or not anybody else has ever specifically chosen not to be lucid in a dream, or is it just me?

I did not that long ago.

I hate when that happens :tongue:

anyway, I don’t think I’ve done exactly that, but I have chosen not to get lucid a few times. :grrr: Like, I’m having a really good dream and realize it might be a dream. Then I decide NOT to do a RC to be sure, because I kinda don’t want it to be a dream, I want it to be real! :cry: pretty sad actually, because I don’t realize that lucid or not I’ll end up waking up…