Chris Benoit, R.I.P

Chris Benoit, he was a well respected WWE Superstar. He was a genuinely nice guy, one colleague of his (Steve Austin) said that he was a guy you could trust to mind your wallet while you were gone, and you wouldn’t have to check when you got back. He was a good man, and sadly, he died yesterday.

She circumstances of his death are shocking. He had, apparently, murdered both his wife and son, stabbing them in the chest, and then commited suicide 2 days later.

Why he did this is unknown, but what I do know is this. Chris Benoit was a good wrestler, and a good man. He will hold a place in all his fan’s hearts and minds for years to come. Chris Benoit, rest in peace.

Sadly the details of the deaths are much worse than just an acidental Carbonmonoxide poisioning or an outside party breaking in and harming the family…

Yeah it’s sad because until they find out if he truly killed his family (since it is still just speculation) he has been excommunicated out of wrestling. They will no longer mention his name ever. The news reports were saying it may have a steroid induced rage over the custody and care of their son. (not sure why they mentioned that unless they were divorcing.)

They know he did it Skeedlz.

He was home the full 3 days between his wife’s murder and that of his child. He never once attempted to contact authorities but did send Text messages to 2 WWE employees.

Roid-rage won’t be the cause, roid-rage is a sudden outbursts, going by the little we know this was clearly something that happened over a few days and his wife was bound. There was cognitive thought behind it all. I can only assume there was some narcotic (legal or otherwise) that altered his mind state.

But whatever the absolute truth and the heinousness of the crime, I still can’t help but hope that he and his family find the peace and love in death that they didn’t have in their last days.

Yeah, I won’t pity him or take away his responsibility for what he did. But gee. The guy killed his son, and them himself. He was definitely out of it. That is seriously sad.

Terrible how it comes to happen with a wrestler. First thing I would think looking at that picture was: he probably did it because, to him, violence was a good way to sort out his problems. Ain’t that how a wrestler is supposed to think?

Probably not. I’m quite skilled in two martial arts, one defensive and one acrobatic, and I know how much damage I can inflict on a person, and yet I don’t go around hurting people, let alone killing.

It’s a shame dying this way, you’ll be blamed forever for your last actions, you’ll be forever remembered first by those last moments. He definitely had that coming, but I don’t know. I’m already one against judging people to begin with, but in a case as extreme as that, can we even begin to judge? If he was still alive, it would be up for us to decide what to do with him in order to protect other people from him, and protect him from himself.

As for moral judgment? Dude, I don’t know. I don’t think I want to put myself in that guy’s shoes and try to understand him, and I definitely don’t want to be as arrogant as to judge a person without at least trying to understand them first.


It dosen’t sound like you’re talking about the same person there. I posted the first post here, a sarcastic and disrespectful one, which was deleted. So now I come in peace, to ask you why you still idolize this man. Why do you think he was a “nice guy” and a “good guy”? Do good guys kill their wife and kids? Methinks that if this man was not a celebrity, everyone would find him dispicable.

You have to understand Daylight that Hebrew first posted that before all of the details came out to the public.

I know that still does not make it right but in light of this situation I think a little consideration for time of post should be had.

I bet he was pumping his muscles for the wrestling and the steroids got at his head. By the way he did not stabbed his wife or son, he strangled them.

And when the steroids left his blood he realized what he done and he killed himself after putting bibles next to his wife and son.

Well, i don’t know the validity of this information, but the person who told me was close friends with chris benoit, so here goes.

The lifeguard at the pool i work at, her boyfriend, anthony something, who is becoming really famous as a wrestler, and is hoping to get into the wwe (i have met him btw, he is definitely a wrestler) was friends with chris benoit. The lifeguard met chris benoit herself.

anyway, investigators told anthony that they believe what really happened is that the wife killed the son (history of depression and mental problems) and chris benoit was so furious that he in turn killed his wife, and then himself.

Once again, I don’t know for sure if this is true, but Anthony was apparently pretty close to him, and that is what the authorities told him personally.

Pretty cool that i saw this thread on the front page just by luck. I would have never thought of relaying that information since i don’t even really know who chris benoit is. (i am not a fan of wrestling). but there it is.

Nope nope. It’s been proved it were not steroids. :wink: Read on the news—the guy killed his family, waited for two whole days without doing anything about it, then killed himself.


Daylight, the thing is this. Apart from that one final act of killing his wife, son and himself, he was a saint.

He didn’t have problems with anyone, he was a good man, and this one act changes everyone’s view. He was a gifted wrestler, and apart from the occasional argument with his wife, he had no problems. Everyone liked him, he had no enemies.

It just seems to me that if he killed his family that there might have been alot more to him than was in the public eye. But maybe he was a great guy, and I’m not being sarcastic. Either way, I’m not trying to sh*t on his deathbed or anything, it just seemed odd to me that someone was giving such a nice send off to a person who killed his family, but I guess everyone has their reasons.

Many people still idolise him, others don’t. He was amazing in the ring, the best technical wrestler that ever lived, and some people prefer to remember him for his skill in the ring, and how he was before his death.

Thought about making a thread like this, but seeing how my ‘WWE’ thread did, I decided against it :sad:

I think Benoit will be remembered for what he did in the ring - wrestle. In fifty years, certainly he won’t be rememebred as a killer?

You’re always remembered by your last act.

Killing a child isn’t really something that people are going to forget.

I admire his passion, his work ethic and everything he accomplished in the ring. But his last act was murder, that isn’t going to be forgotten. The WWE want nothing to do with him, they have even cancelled his DVD Hard Knocks, it will never be made again.

As far as the Nancy killing Daniel thing goes. She died a good 24hrs before Daniel.

I had no idea he did that, I just heard he died. I’m torn on whether my respect for him has been lost, though. A murder-suicide isn’t the act of a sane man. Thus, he probably had affected judgement, and had no idea of the gravity of his actions. I’m not defending it at all, but if he didn’t know what he was doing, then I can’t hate him.

This as a tradgedy. Tragic things do happen, and when we move on we can see that there is comedy in this. This man is going to be remembered by many as

as Hebrewzb put it. And remembered by few as a steroid taking murderer, that killed himself.

What I think is that good and wrestler in the entertainment form should never be used in a sentence together, at best Chris Benoit was a average entertainer, which obviously wasn’t good enough for him or his family. The guy doesn’t even deserve a 30 second spot on fox or something.

Do you really think anyone will care who Chris Benoit(or for that matter, Paris Hilton, etc) is in fifty years? Are wrestlers really that important?

People who are into wrestling might remember, that is if wrestling will still be around in 50 years time. :wink:

As many others, I’m also torn, and unsure of what to think about this… on one hand, Chris Benoit was a great wrestler (at least I think he was). The thing that always struck me was that he was physically smaller than let’s say Batista or HHH, or even than Edge (actually, him and Ray Mysterio must be the smallest guys in wrestling…lol), yet he was very skillful… I know it’s all fake, so maybe there is no such thing as “skilled wrestlers”, I wouldn’t really know, I’ve never tried wrestling… but I suppose there still has to be some skill behind it, and Chris Benoit had it.

But then on the other hand… killing your wife and child is a very serious thing, and I think that lessened whatever respect the world had for Chris Benoit. I don’t know… I’m with the people who say that he must have been “out of it”. So I don’t know… after all, no one is born a killer. Something has to happen to triggure it. It’s very easy to judge people and discard them as “bad people”, but we haven’t been through whatever they have been through, so can we really judge them if we haven’t been in their shoes?

Basically… I don’t know lol. I just think it’s a shame, the whole thing’s a shame, that’s all.