Christopher Reeve (1952 - 2004) -- A very deserving R.I.P.

The actor, most famous for both his role as the iconic Superman - and, in a sense, becoming more than that after a tragic horseriding accident in 1995 that left him paralyzed from the neck down - died Sunday of complations that developed from a bedsore.

[My comments]: I won’t go into do much detail, due to the controversy and morals surrounding it, but I hope Mr. Reeve’s sudden passing will accelerate, rather than halt, the ground-breaking research he started. (After the accident, but that’s another debate.) I believe that if allowed and perfected, it could possibly be the most significant scientific breakthrough since the discovery and analysis of DNA.

and what is the groundbreaking research?

stem cell research.

I’m sure someone or an organization will take it over. He’ll finally be at rest.

ah. i didn’t know he started it… I heard it mentioned in the presidential debate last friday.

My brother sent me this today. . .

No doubt, this will be a heated topic of debate now more than ever.

I doubt it will be a big topic of the debate. For the most part, President Bush has already invested a lot of money into the idea of stem cell research. And he is the conservative.

Kerry is not going to raise the issue at all. Kerry avoids the topics of abortion and stem cell research if possible. Mainly because he knows how conservative America voters are. If he does not have to get into his stand on abortion and stem cell research, he is safer with more conservative voters.

As for Christopher Reeve, he was just another person to me. Sure he put in a lot of money down to try to find a cure for his disability, but before that, was he funding the cause.

I do think we should do stem cell research. People act as if these fetuses are going to contribute to society in a better way. People need to stop falling in love with dead bodies and babies that are not even born yet. Because I can see someday a group forming much like the PETA backed terrorists that fire bomb labs that test products on animals. Only they would be going after anyone that thinks abortion is right.

they should continue the research so his death will not be in some part in vain.It will only be in vain though if they quit it.and i think it shouldnt matter people arre killing fetuses,so dont let em go to waste use them.

God! Has anyone seen that Newsweek cover! That’s so freaky!
I don’t have an opinion on stem cells as of now, haven’t researched it at all, but I’m probably for it.
Kinda seems disrespectful…