I accidentally created a city based off everything this site said. Now in every dream I go there and realize I am dreaming and go Lucid. Thanks!!

So what does the city look like?

Nice DILD technique :thumbs:

Well half of it is huts and people with swords and the other half is modern day. I rarely go onto the modern half except when I I’m flying over it.

How exactly did you create it? Spontaneously? O_O

No I wanted to LD and my dreams took me to this city! Its had rebellions and such too!

Wow neat :smile:

Care to share some tales? Do you have a DJ here?

cool! :happy: yeah, it would be fun to read some dreams :content:

that migh tbe a good way to induce LD’s. just autosugest to dream in that city/place and just tell your self to do a RC everytime you see it.