Civil War Challenge

Here’s an extra little challenge for you to try. Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this.

This week was Oakapple Day, the anniversary of the restoration of His Majesty King Charles II to the throne. Some of you may have held the traditional celebration on Wednesday. Now, Civil War re-enactors may be a rather mixed bunch, and I can’t say it’s ever been my cup of tea. But to mark the occasion, here are some related LD things to try, particularly for you British LDers. We’ll have a point system for motivation:

              -Attend the restoration coronation at Westminster (5 points)
              -Attend the execution of Charles I (grisly option!) (5 points)
              -Fight in any battle of the Great Rebellion (10 points + 2 for each enemy you kill/formation you rout, if a commander. +5 for cavalry charge regardless of success, because it's just that cool.)
              - Help Charles II escape from the Roundheads after Worcester(10 points. 15 if you actually get into the royal oak at Boscobel!)
              -Hunt for Charles II as a Roundhead after Worcester (10 points. 15 if you catch him)
              -Win the Battle of Worcester as the Royalists for 20 points!

More suggestions welcome! Anyone going to try this?