Claim your Legacy NDC Participant badge

To be able to reQuest this badge, you need to have fully taken part in a NDC in the old forum (pre 2020).
Badges have already been given to the challenge winners, so do not choose a NDC in which you won.

Please either

  • name the Challenge eg ND Challenge 3 - Winner MagykKatte]
  • copy/paste the url eg ND Challenge 3 - Winner MagykKatte
  • use the share icon at the bottom of one of your NDC posts and copy/paste the direct link to the post 1

One of the moderating team will then add the badge to your profile.


I participated in NDC 13.

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I took part in ND Challenge 6. Here is the summary summary post of mine.

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The latest one that I participated in was ND Challenge 13.

(I hope we can have another ND Challenge sometime!)

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I participated in NDC 2.

Here’s my last post <3

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I participated in NDC 12 here

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I participated in:

Which one of the four do you want to link the badge with? If you hosted it, you will already have the host badge.

The most recent is fine… I thought it was a stacking badge like the feathers for a moment so I thought you needed all of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Scratch that… the oldest would be preferred. So challenge 2.

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