Clash of the hemispheres

Lol nice test Brainhacker…first time i did it i did 92%
So i know know i am not colour blind lol :happy:

funny test btw :content:



lol, that is a hard one, but I tricked it
I got 100% :happy:

LOL! :happy: Traumganger welcome to the NCBP club…
The club 4 not colour blind ppl…u just past…hehe
Hope we get more members…

It said I was the master.

damn those are annoying, you have to stop your brain. first time 75%. The color changes on the buttons when your cursor goes on top of them made my brain go “BLEEB” and confused me. second time was 100% :smile:

wow we have now already 4 members for the club of not colour blind ppl…lol!

Keep in coming!


:happy: I mean of course keep on coming in…joining the club!



count me in! :smile:

Welcome Hypnodude…to our club!

:cool: :happy:

Whoo! 100% on first try! i Am da Masta!!! (can i be president?) :grin:

Welcome a board Alayambo :happy:

75 first time

I was trying to look at the color of the answers to match with the color of the word lol, what was I thinking…

Lol…heheh so the program tricked u Pilot…
Do it again and u do a beter job!


Cool test, I give it an A+
I recieved 100%

Hi PhantomSpectre welcome to the club 4 not colour blind lol!


Cool test! Thanks BrainHacker!

I took the test 5 times, and got 100% each time. Cool.

I once got an email from someone that used this type of test. Instead, it had you read out the words and not the color … :confused: or hmmm? maybe it was read out the colors and not the word. Anyways, It was a bit harder than this one.

I think 4 seconds is about twice as much time as you should be given. I honestly can’t see how it might take someone longer than 4 seconds to look at a word and find out what color it is. I guess there is a slight tendancy to read the word instead of look at the color, but it only takes a second to overcome that.

Also, true color-blind people only confuse things like green with yellow, and certain shades of red and blue. The colors on this test are as far from each other as you can get, so I’d say it’s more accurately assessing your ability to concentrate on something. Unless you see in black and white somehow, but that’s not what’s meant by color-blind.

I know Atheist…i was only joking of course…


True, very true.
Maybe he could make it better by creating a red/green or blue/grey or other color blind test.
I just thought it was kinda funky that he had different colors that could throw you for a loop if you werent too aware.
Good info Atheist.