cloes to OBE?

Okay so last night I read up on OBE. I read that once I feel vibrations im close and I should soon try to ‘roll’ or ‘climb’ out.

I was intrigued so I tried, after a while of relaxing i started to feel small smoothing vibrations around my body and my heart was pumping harder. I got excited but managed to stay calm. Then I was trying to climb or roll but I didn’t know how to exactly, like am I supposed to imagine it, visualise it… or try physically moving, even though I really cant? So i was just trying anything. Then it felt as if I was rolling out, but the gravity of my body pulled me back in. Soon after all the wierd sensations stopped and I guess it was probably because I was too excited.

So what do I do when trying to climb or roll? and is this how it feels when close to having an OBE?

that would be astral projection

i suggest imagine imaginary hands coming out from ur brain
and climbin up on a rope that extends to the sky —

Rolling out or pulling on a rope or whatever, never worked for me, and I’ve heard tell that it isn’t even very effective when it does work.

Staying relaxed through the vibrations instead of until usually does it for me. Hope that helps!

what ^^ he said i did some research and i found out that if you “ride them out” its way better to obe

I’m not to sure on that method, of course I’ve never had a dream OBE since I just think it’s a dream myself. But, I suppose you can say the ones I’ve experienced where chemical induced but whatev…

My personal method is to just get into a very comfortable position (a lot of people say to sit up right one hand fold against your chest and one handout wards like on a chair arm, I’ve got a natural one this way but, I prefer just the relaxed method.)

If you have music that your really familiar with good memories, or stuff associated with it then put it on. Doesn’t matter if it’s Black Metal or classical as long as you like the music and are comfortable than listen to that, I’d keep it no higher than mid-volume though.

Then what I do is just lay back on my pillow and just try and focus on the fuzz when you close your eyes, eventually I get a strange feeling, not flying or tugging. But, more like a deep sinking feeling not intense but, like your slowly drifting to the bottom of the ocean.

After this I have never tried to mess with the feeling, I keep my eyes closed the whole time, try not to acknowledge the feeling and usually I try and keep my thoughts quiet.

After that it’s up to chance usually, if my brain shutsdown the link to my body than it’s all good.

Also if your new to this don’t freakout about “DONZT GOZ TO FAR OR UR CORD WILL RUST AND U CANT GO BACK” there’s no cord to your mind that limits how far you can go from your body or a time-limit till how long it breaks.

I’d avoid staying in familiar places though, it’s much more rewarding to meditate on the surface of mercury or flying into the center of the sun.