cloning memories

Have you ever seen the movie “Multiplicity”? Do you know the part where the clone wakes up, and thinks he is the oreginal human, because they have the same memories. Lets say that this is how cloning could work, and you decide to clone yourself. Isnt there a 50 percent chance that you could become the clone. Or what if a person died while being cloned would your point of awareness be the clone, or life after death?

Interesting. You should watch the movie The Prestige, because it makes the viewer ask the same questions, and gives you good insight into this phenomenon. :smile:

I can’t say how I feel about this. Memories cloned, sure, but a soul? Do memories make the person? Not in my eyes.

Think of it this way. A medical office informs you that your closest long-term friend/relative was cloned actually in a lab one year ago. Now, you were probably still friendly to them, and they were still as human as they ever were. How does that not make them a person? Wouldn’t you feel a bit bad if you were told you weren’t a person yet you were a clone?

I hope to God we dont start cloning humans, there was a rumor that they had cloned a human, and I hope thats all it was. My opinion about clones is that if they are aware then they have a sole. I just wonder wonder if there life after death would be diffrent in someway. If God allows for humans to make clones I dont think it would be fair to punish the clone. I just know the whole idea of being a clone must be scary as hell. I hope this “Eve” clone dosnt exsist. I cant believe they named her Eve. I did see the “Prestege” fasinating theory. Is it possibale to clone your dream body in a LD, and have to points of awareness at the same time. Has anyone ever tried it. I might try this one down the road.

I didn’t say he/she wasn’t a real person. I said that while I think memories may be cloned, a soul cannot. Memories do not make a person, in my eyes. So this clone, while looking and acting and feeling just the same as the non-clone, to me, can’t be the same person. Because underneath all the superficial crap, there’s something else, and I believe that distinguishes them enough to warrant calling them their own people.

It gets hazy, though, especially because with my belief system, we’re all one in the same anyway: a vast collection of energy and consciousness that experiences life in humans, animals, insects, plants, etc. So, from that standpoint, they would be the same person. But using that same principle, everybody is the same person, too, if the energy which creates us all is the “same”. Again, you have to subscribe to my belief system for this to seem right, which you probably don’t. :tongue:

This was just propaganda from the Raëlian cult. They had to call her Eve… It would have been less sensational otherwise lol.

I say no, maybe you would be mistaken to be the clone but you wouldn’t be the clone.
So if a person died during cloning he would be dead and not be the clone.
The person and the clone would be 2 different people. Maybe the act similar in the beginning but that would change when the clone would get different experiences than the original.
Plus if humans ever start cloning, they probably can’t clone a whole human being, they would likely have to clone a single cell and then wait many years before it becomes a man.

Yes, memories has part of making the person and another part is genetics(maybe a third part too), but theoritcally I don’t think it’s possible to clone memories.

And I want to tell you one thing there is human clones, nature have done them, they are called identical twins for example.
And as you can see they are 2 different persons.