Close to a lucid dream or something else?

Last night, I’m pretty sure I was really close to a lucid dream. I just wanted some clarity from the forum on what I did wrong.

I was doing the WBTB method. I went to sleep at 11:25PM and set my alarm for 4:08AM. I was right in the middle of a dream when my alarm went off, so I figured that was good. I got onto my phone, lowered the brightness settings, and went on here and looked at the threads on here to keep my mine on lucid dreaming.

I was focusing on it the whole time, and I was getting subtle bits of it from reading threads on the site. After I felt like I was focused enough (15-20 minutes), I tried to go to sleep. Thought of what happened in the dream I just had and focused on lucid dreaming.

After a minute or so, I saw a very bright, white light. That’s all I could see too. After realizing I (think) was dreaming, I thought about it and just kept focusing on this whiteness. A few seconds later, I heard a voice and thought it was my dad saying my name. It felt like it came over to me and was about to touch me. A few seconds after I felt him right next to me, I woke up and my heart was beating pretty fast.

Did I scare myself out of this “lucid dream”? Was that sleep paralysis? Because it felt so real. Did I do something wrong? Was that even a dream or was I about to go into the lucid dream?

I talked to someone who is quite knowledgeable on LD, OBE, and AP, and he said he thought that the white light could have represented the Astral Plane/about to enter the Plane. Could it have been that?

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! :smile:

Could of been the start of an OBE, or SP…but I think it was WILD. I think you were entering a dream, which may be confused with the astral plane when it happens to someone for the first time. Those visuals and sounds? That is part of the makings of a dream. In other words, you’re aware, but your body is going to sleep…and you’re seeing the pieces being put together.

It’s quite common to hear and see things when performing a WILD, just like it’s quite common to do the same in SP. Thing is, before you dream a WILD could be called SP because it’s ALMOST the same thing. Oh, and that HI right next to you happens all the time :grin: scares the crap out of a lot of people…

EDIT: You have done nothing wrong by the way. On the contrary, you did the right things. Just keep practicing and you’ll be able to enter a dream through WILD! Which everyone wants to experience!

Well that’s good to know!

I guess I did WILD on accident, because I was just trying to fall asleep with LD on my mind and it just happened.

Also, what does “MI” mean? I’m assuming it was the figure that was saying my name.

That was a typo, I justed edited my post. I meant HI, :grin:

HI and WILD goes hands in hands :tongue:

sounds like a WILD, you were close to a LD :happy:.

hearing voices and sounds seems like you were in the last process of a WILD, try doing what you did again sometime.

I’ll see what happens tonight, and I’ll post back tomorrow. Thanks for you help! :smile:

Just tried it again, but no success. Got too awake and now I can’t fall asleep.

Don’t worry about it. Get WILD to work may take some time, but when you get to the point when you can do WILD successfully on daily basis then you’ll see that all your effort was not in wain!

Wait, I’ve been doing WBTB. Should I just focus on WILD? I’m thinking just focus on WILD, because I don’t want to wake up at 3AM on a school night.

Yeah but WILD have a best success rate if you do it after few hours of sleep, which means WBTB!

It’s to you to decide, but doing WILD at bed time might be very hard, keep in mind that you have to be awake/aware for another 90 - 120 minutes to enter your first REM cycle which is pretty short…