close to WILD?

well last night I was trying WILD for the first time, i was trying the “down flights of stairs” type, but when i got to around 30, my mind started to slip and i had to struggle to keep going. I got to 24 when my body started to shake, and it kept shaking for about a minute, but then all of the sudden it stoped. so my questions are,

  1. was I close to achiveing a WILD? and

  2. how do i get that wooshing feeling every one gets? should i just keep counting?

any replies will be greatly appreciated :shy:

…i cannot tell you how many times somebody has posted this same exact topic. YES, you are close to doing a WILD. Very close actually. I believe the shaking feeling is entering SP, but I may be wrong. If you ever forget the numbers/stairs, I would say just restart at 0. Thats what I do when doing the counting to 400 method. A lot of times your mind will fall asleep unexpectidly and you thought you were counting, but in fact you were thinking of something totally irrelevant. Hope that helped!

how bad were you shaking? sometimes i shake (like my foot, then my hand etc) but i don’t feel like im entering SP…

well thanks a bunch bendrummin it helped a tun, and sorry for being redundant in my questioning

heh its fine…im glad i helped

It depends on how much you were shaking. If it was just light twitching or light tingling sensation you were in deep relaxation. If they were heavy strong vibrations You will know what I mean if you had them) or if you felt like you were having a seizure. I have news for you. In my opinion you were already dreaming.

If it was the later the latter:

You just have to let go a little more and allow your self to be pulled into the dream.

Either way you were close or, you are getting closer so keep practicing.

as long as i have this topic up I want to ask, when your counting for WILD at what number do you ussualy enter the dream?

Sounds hopeful, last night i had my first WILD(first try too) as i fell asleep i felt myself shake for around 10 secs then i entered a dream. I only jumped around, which felt cool because i could jump real far. This dream only lasted for around 2 mins, heh glad i woke up staright after as i was running late for school.

I don’t think there is a magical number in regards to this. Everyone is different. When I use counting I only count until I start to generate HI. From there I stop counting and turn my focus to the images in my mind. Anyway, I will usually get light HI at around 30-40 and start seeing clear images at around 60-100. In any case I do not think I ever count past 100 anymore.

Awesome feeling isn’t it. Congratulations on your success. :smile:

ah, thats what i thought, just wanted to be sure
thanks though :grin:

If I try the counting tech when I wake up during the night I usually get to something like 10 and then I fall asleep :sad: If I get higher I usually stop because I think that I won’t fall asleep and then after a while I fall asleep :help: I’m always falling asleep :bored:


When do you do WILD? (At bed time or WBTB)