Closed-eye realistic visions.

To begin, these visions I have had come out of nowhere, or at least it seems that way. When having these visions I am not on any kind of psychedelic or drug and they just come out of the blue. I am not asleep when I have these visions I am just closing my eyes, and when they are over I open my eyes.

The two I had recently was about two weeks ago, if that. The first one was of a asian looking Japanese Gerber baby. Her lips were open like the gerber baby’s mouth, but she looked nothing like a drawing she looked like a real child. She was wearing a white gown and had her hair up in a water-fountain. It was too real to describe even now, its like I would have to find the picture to show, but it is nowhere to be found.

The next one was very weird. The next vision was of a business card someone was handing me. It had three of santa’s reindeer on the front drawn in a cartoony way. It was supposed to be a business card to some sort of magical realm of thinking or something similar to santa’s workshop where he grants plenty of ideas and gifts, but there was nothing but the three reindeer on it. No number, no address, nothing. But in stories I have heard as a child, santa does not like to reveal any of his secrets, or where he lives, or his inventions. this really pissed me off somehow, because it relates to my dreams (he tries to steal stuff in my dreams and he gave me a box of nothing hoping I would appreciate the thought of a gift but I did not feel any passion in what he tried to do for me).

Awesome how long has this been going on??

More than a few years, but, It happens on occasion.

quite interesting. these experiences may be caused by a higher amount of DMT in the pineal gland. DMT is not only already found in the body but is also found in plants, and other animals. normally, you have a lower concentration of dmt but if you ever take it (like smoking it) or in this case, your brain losing the control to regulate it, then you may experience hallucinations. also, people often meditate(some believe that opening the third eye is enlightenment) and do other practices to open the third eye (the pineal gland isn’t a true eye but is commonly referred to as that). it’s possible that you have been doing something to activate it but you haven’t realized what you are doing to activate it.
my theory could be wrong but i think it is probably the best theory anyone could give you, but it’s also possible that it could be something else inside your brain. either way, you hve a gift that many could only wish to have

Thanks for your response. I’ve read up on DMT and watched a video before. It kind of left me wondering if somehow this may be coordinated to DMT, but I’m not quite sure since it is a very random thing when it happens. :smile:

again, it may be triggered by something, or your mind just sometimes loses the control to regulate it. if it is something that triggers it, then try thinking about what it is that might trigger it. many people practice to find ways of triggering it, and i think that i myself may have been able to do it myself because this one time i was just looking up at the the top corner of my eye and i started seeing this blue come out of nowhere, but then again it could also be something else like the bending in light that is going on in my eye.