Closer than ever.....

My past three dreams I have recalled in my dream diary in all I kinda preformed a RC all failed but a DC would interupt my thoughts and start giving me a long illogical answer. It’s only a matter of time before I get a second one. My first lasted a matter of seconds. My friend and I got back into it about a two weeks ago and right before I go to Bed I ring him and tell him what dreams I had. It’s really helps because my intent to recall my dream is very high because I want to be able to tell him tommorow.

Seems you’re close… good luck, you will probably have a real LD soon :wink:

Yes i agree with Xetrov :smile: Keep up what u r doing and always remember to havbe a goo dintent…like u have :wink: You WILL have a LD!!

Good luck :content: