I have been reading on lucid dreaming for a few months and I find it very interesting. Last night I tried the WILD technique. As I laid in my bed with my eyes closed, I felt a sense of rising. Not out of my body, but I felt very at peace. Throughout the night, I kept waking up, and when I was asleep it was very light dreaming. I knew I was dreaming, but I didn’t try to control it for some reason.

Am I close?

If you knew you were dreaming then they were LDs. You just need to practice now and see what you can do in them :smile:

Enjoy :smile:

and welcome to LD4all :wave:

Thanks for the advice! Hopefully tonight. :smile:

welcome to the forum :smile: hope u enjoy it here :smile:

Yes you are! It feels very warm and tingly, yes. I found WILD to be a harder method to LD. As a beginner I’d recommend MILD, or DILD.
Q: do you write down your dreams every day? It gets to be fun when you keep a log. You will see patterns!
This helps me DILD. I experiance FA’s and do RC’s. RC’s help!
Last night I held my nose and was breathing! I knew I was dreaming. It was great, but I got too excited and woke up.
Good luck!

That is one of the hard parts, i would typically refer to it as partial lucidity. The tough part is just being able to pull yourself completely into the dream.

You will find that sometimes you just go along with the plot of the dreams, and then other times you will go off and do your own thing. This would also be an example of the degree of lucidity you actually have. when i am at max lucidity as i call it, i control the dream to its fullest and tell it what to do, when i am not it has a varying degree of control over me.