Wait, you know whats going to be on the news? I watched a movie today too!

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I watched Cloverfield.

No I didn’t : \ I wanted to stay but other people didn’t.

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Rob and Beth could still be alive!

^ ^ ^
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plus the ending is too open ended.

I would love it if theres a sequel! If there isn’t I’m gonna kill the director of the film

In my lucid dreams :tongue:

There will be a sequel. (actually it says “IF” but, this movie is doing so good right now, it would be stupid not to)

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Five Facts about Cloverfield

I’m sort of a BIG cloverfield nerd :tongue: . I’ve looked into this movie so much, it’s not even funny! (like, two months now :eh: )

If you click on the link in the secret message and read Fact Number Five, it (sort of) answers if there will be a sequel.