I am the type of person, which thinks all the time. I mean, when i think of things, i think them out, not only how the situation affects me, but i always looks how i can affect everybody. Thats just me, im a wannabe perfectionist (does that even exist).

Im not sure if this opens up more cases of what i should have which is called Coincidences. I have lots of cases of coincidences, which almost occur everyday. Seems quite far-fetch, but day to day i might have cases of de ja vou, or just weird episodes of what happened that i already thought what happened. Im not crazy, i dont suffer from memory lost or other sicknesses dealing with the Brain. I just want to know what causes these Coincidences. I think about it, and i wonder myself if i just induce all these ideas, i might sent some own confusion towards myself, but after a while some situations repeat or come from my mind just happen itself, without any of my influences or my help.

Here are some examples, the classic example of dreaming a situation that already happened, in my case i barely remember any of my dreams, so if i have any of this sort of de ja vou, its surprising to me,b/c im not just having De Ja Vou, but my dream recall is working. I found out after i have the case of de ja vou that i already dreamed that.
Another way of things is i wonder whats coming next on the television and in the back of my head i would have desires of old movies of something i havent seen in ages, im sure you can understand the rest, it appears on tv. Not only tv, but HBO :grin:.(I have more examples, i just want you to get the picture first :smile: ) Im sure people had such cases too, and just say wow what a weird coincidence, or wont even think about it at all. Now what im mainly asking the forum, do you understand these Coincidences, do they make any kind of affect or do you notice things that seem way to predictable, that they actually happen?

Im not trying to say i see the future or anything, I just want to understand where do these Coincidences come from and how do they actually spawn into Reality. Fill me in of what you think, Ill be back

i experiences myself now and then… Last one was:
Suddently i get this strong feeling of having fish balls for dinner… I thought to myself: hmm this is weird… why do i have this feeling of having fish balls? Sure enough, some hours later when my father came home from work, he had shopped fish balls… Though we havent had it in ages…

Fish Balls? is that supposed to be an insult?

I think you’re talking about Synchonicities. Coincidences that are too coincidental. It’s a Jungian concept. If you google, you’ll find lots about it I would think.

I forgot who said it and I don’t know if I’m getting it right but…
“Coinidences are the language God uses to speak to man.”

Backslider, what a great quote! I love it :happy:

Yes sometimes concidences can be too concidental. :smile: Happens to me all the time so you’re not crazy. Don’t worry.

I agree, that quote is very insightful

It wasnt that i felt crazy, but its just that i notice the little things more often.

Hubbs, :smile: I notice things more often now than before as well. :wink: Good luck with your deja vu feelings :wink:

How would that be an insult?

When things are going real good for me in a moment of my life… lets say I have a few great lucid dreams in one night… then I go for a walk… I always find dead birds in my path. Five days ago I had an intense OOBE, I go for a walk and find a freshly dead hawk in my path. Yesterday I was on a walk with extremely high energy around me. I felt so naturaly High, then I find a freshly dead pigeon in my path. I feel sorry for the birds. Oh, I wonder why, Why when things are going real good for me, I find dead birds. Makes me wonder. What a “coincidence”! A long time ago all in one night, I had 3 OOBE’s and long LD’s. That night I go for walk for 1 hour and count a total of 7 freshly dead birds all on same sidewalk!
Anybody else have reacurring “Coincidences”?

You cant answer a question with a question, it just sends more confusion

Yikes…perhaps you take on the shape of a really huge feline in your Out-of-body adventures and the birds get so scared of you they drop dead in mid-flight!


nm this one… :wink:

<<Hubbs wrote:
Fish Balls? is that supposed to be an insult?

How would that be an insult?>>

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this side conversation. Not only was the original story funny because… WTH are fish balls!? … but then the confusion and the anger. Ho ho! I must say that was good for a gut chuckle… but seriously guys. Calm down. It was just a misunderstanding.

For an interesting theory about coincidences, try reading The Celestine Prophecy. I don’t claim that the ideas in the book are true in any way but if you want your wonderings about coincidences to be fueled that book might give you some nice ideas about them.

Time to Clarify, alrighty lets start here

(this part made me laugh)

Now to clarify, first i wanted to thank you for responding to this useless topic that i thought was intriguing, the reason why i wanted to thank you,b/c i know how much you dont like using the forum so thanks for taking the time to do so (Chat is the way). Now second, i really have no idea what fish balls are, i didnt think fish had balls, thats why i felt insulted. And this

I just posted that, to figure out WTH are Fish balls, other than that i was intrested about your story. I hope this clears everything up :smile:


I am intrested in that, do you have any links of a website or anything, or is it just a book? :eh:

okay hehe… I have really no idea what it’s called over there, neither not sure if you have it at all. No, its not the balls of a fish… It’s basicly same as meat balls but made of different types of fish which is made into some sort of ball :wink:

sorry for loosing my temper a bit there :bored:

I never knew they had something like that, is it good? :eh: Other than that, you dont need to be sorry, i wasnt bothered by anything, either than that there just words.

So lately the coincidences have stopped, nothing as odd as last month :wink:

:eh: Ihave no idea what happened :grrr: :scream: Can A mod help, please :confused:


I never knew they had something like that, is it good? :eh: Other than that, you dont need to be sorry, i wasnt bothered by anything, either than that there just words.

So lately the coincidences have stopped, nothing as odd as last month :wink:

Here’s a pretty good set of coincidences for ya.

Every day this week, I’ve been playing a little game with myself when I get into work in the morning. I open Outlook, and I try to guess how many emails I got since I left the day before.

On Monday, I casually said to myself “Probably 21”. Sure enough, up came the status bar with the text “Receiving message 1 of 21”.

On Tuesday, not thinking twice about my luck on Monday, I said to myself “12”. Again, just then, I got 12 emails. This continued yesterday when I guessed correctly (12 again), and this morning when I guessed 6.

If it happens again tomorrow, it’s going to be one hell of a coincidence. :tongue: