Coleus Blumei?

I have read online about how Coleus Blumei has some mild psychoactive elements and that it really affects your dreams.

Anyone here want to try and do some experiments with this plant and its potential as a dream inducer?

Erowid has some reports but most of them lack the information about what kind of Coleus Blumei used. I would like to try and report on each one of them if possible. Any volunteers? Davion? :tongue:

After hearing about Coleus Species being used in rituals (in some indian tribes)I decided to give it a try. Everything I’ve read is very much unclear to me so I figured that extensive experimentation and research should be done in order to understand the effects and the possible uses in understanding what parts of the brain and therefore the ‘mind’ this plant and its neurochemicals affect.

I tried a series of Experiments with Coleus Blumei and 6 other Kinds of Coleus (there are at least a hundred kinds) on my shelf. I used no drugs (not even ciggerets) for at least 2 days prior to experimentation and was using NO medications whatsoever in order to keep a ‘clear’ mind to understand what the Coleus neurochemicals were doing alone.

I also decided to smoke the leaf (all leaves were around 3in wide and 4in long and picked in the months of August to September). No pesticides were used. I decided to smoke the material (the Leaves were also left out in open air to dry and took around 3 days for them to be ready) because I heard that 80-100 leaves were an average dose used in teas in order to achieve effects. I figured that Teas were a waste of time when trying to figure out if the leaf material was even active and also not very good for the poor plant considering 80-100 leaves would strip the plant naked. So smoking became the route of ingestion. All smoke was cashed in 1 large hit in one lungful and held in for 25-30 seconds (according to my watch).

The set was always in a good mind Set (always a scientific mind set) and the Setting was always in my house at night time in an area in the city with alot of nature and trees (I love nature). I also avoided hanging around friends or anybody ( I was alone when experimenting) in order to avoid distractions.

I love to study everything on my own with no babysitters or distractions (for some this is not a good Idea but I am very used to this for this is how I learn about my brain chemistry. I don’t need distractions to feel safe or good). I experimented with Coleus species about 20 times in order to give a more clearer understanding about Coleus. I am only gonna give a vaque hint of what I felt because the darn internet keeps screwing up on me and I have no time to write a book on here.

Here are some of the consistent effects: after smoking the whole bowl (1 inch tall and 1/2 inch wide short straight pipe)in 1 large hit and holding it in for 25 seconds (according to my watch) each time I noticed effects that were NOT placebo but defenitly mild that started 5-15 seconds after exhaling. The effects continued to get stonger for another 15-45 minutes before peaking. Also depending on How much you took the peak would hit quicker or slower (the more you took the closer to the 15-20 minute mark). The effects I would start as Dreamy, Zoney, Mildly trippy (but in no way a trip), lightly visual (you’d have to pay attention but not too much), lightly stoney, minorly mind altering, wavy motion (nice for camping and laying out in front of the stars at night), depth appeared different and things would slightly bend and morph, but just slightly. The ‘visuals’ were lite and they tended to have a greenish, blueish, and pinkish overtones. There were slight shadows appearing in and out and little ‘dots’ that kept moving around making it appear flowy.

I didn’t feel all there and it always felt like I had been up 24 hours (though Ironically I never felt tired). It was also relaxing. I always noticed ‘voices’ talking in my head on their own about ‘common’ conversations, such as how’s so and so doing, or this cup of coffee is not so tastey or hello there how is your day going. Basically normal day to day plastic society converstaions. The ‘voices’ never even knew I was there and there wasn’t ever any ‘cosmic’ insight or information overload like other normal mind altering neurochemicals that I enjoy.

It was EXACTLY like just going to sleep and being in between awake and sleep just before passing out for the night. I study dreams, lucid dreams, OBE’s, false awakenings, and other states that are Oneiric and Coleus to me is very similair to what I consider the first 3 states of sleep (dream ‘tripping’).

Coleus is NOT something to ‘trip’ on in the ordinary sense. It is more for studying dream states then tripping. If you’re looking to trip hard Coleus is not for you (try Ayausca or something). If you’re looking to study dream states though then Coleus is defenitly a tool for you. I recommend using Coleus while lying down with eye closed at night time while WIDE AWAKE (avoid using it right before sleep cause it would be a waste of leaf material I believe, but you can try it).

The interesting thing I noticed is that if you have PATIENCE with the effects it really pays of. What I noticed is is that when lying down with eyes closed the ‘voices’ eventually become ‘seen’ in about 10-20 minutes. Dream imagery starts to come in and form AROUND you. The ‘voices’ then have bodies and characters associated with them. ONLY THEN can you actually INTERACT with the ‘dream People’. They are not cosmic they are just normal day to day people.

I had a blast asking them questions and toying with them. They really have their own personalities. It’s JUST like a lucid dream, but you have to be PATIENT to get there first. Once there though you will have fun if you love toying with dreams. The lucid dreams on Coleus are black and white but never the less REALISTIC. I talked and walked around with people the whole time while in imagenary dream PLACES. Always Consistent. I was baffled. Trust me, just relax and be patient and lucid dreams will appear. The only problem is that you might FORGET that you’re dreaming. But eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Well that’s all I’ll write for now good luck folks and remember to be patient when experimenting with COLEUS. It is not a Psychedelic but an ONEIRIC PLANT.

…Isn’t this unhealthy for you?

I’m not sure what you mean. What part isnt healthy?

Eating too large amounts of anything is unhealthy, and eating large amounts of a plant from a garden centre, which has probably been chemically treated, is not something that I would recommend either. Inhaling smoke, no matter which plant the smoke comes from, is also unhealthy for the lungs. I have eaten this plant before, it belongs to the same family as a lot of known aromatic herbs and doesn’t taste too bad. Those plants were grown from seeds, by myself, but nothing happened to my dreams.

Well yeah, I wouldn’t eat anything with pesticide on it either, silly.

Do you know what Coleus blumei variety you had? Was it a hybrid?

When you ate it did you chew it for about 30 minutes before swallowing it to let the juices be absobed via orally?