color reality check?

so yesterday i had this idea, ask my self if i’m dreaming everytime i see any red object, i did it trough the day tough i had to force myself a little since there are a lot of red objects around my house :bored:
and before going to bed i started repeating a mantra for remembering what i had to do when i see this color, and daydreaming about seing red objects and becoming lucid

i had 2 lucid dreams last night! they were extremely short, didn’t even had time to control them, i woke up fast both times (doesn’t matter had lucid dream :tongue: )

any comments?

Sounds like you’ve created a good dream sign. If you keep it up it could really help you. The only warning I’ll give is to not let it become a mere habit. Make sure you’re questioning reality whenever you do an RC and make sure you think of it every time. Yes, it can become tedious but it does get easier over time. Best of luck :content: