Colours in the Dreamspell

In the Dreamspell, each of the 20 Solar Seals is associated with one of four colours. These follow a cycle:


Ie. the next four days, in sequence:

[kin=125] Red Galactic Serpent

[kin=126] White Solar World-Bridger

[kin=127] Blue Planetary Hand

[kin=128] Yellow Spectral Star

Each of the colours, is a manifestation of one of the four main directions:

Red - East
White - North
Blue - West
Yellow - South

[Green - Center]

Each of the four main colours, has a few keywords also:

Red - Initiates, Knowledge
White - Refines, Humility
Blue - Transforms, Patience
Yellow - Ripens, Power

The four colours, Red, White, Blue, Yellow each represent one of the four Root Races. For example, if you are a Blue Night, or a Blue Monkey, you belong to the Blue Root Race. If you are a Red Dragon or Red Serpent you belong to the Red Root Race and so on…