Combined DR/LD mantra

I’ve been trying to tell myself to remember both to recognize my dreams and to remember them afterwards. I do this through the mantra “I will remember dreaming,” which is ambiguous because it can both “I will remember that I AM dreaming” and “I will remember having dreamt.”

Any opinions on this? Has anyone tried this? Could this be used to increase both one’s dream recall and one’s chance of lucidity, or wouldn’t it be very effective at doing either?

Memory is the awareness of something from the past. therefore, your mantra is strictly DR. a lucid mantra will be something like, I will be aware of my dreams, I will be realize I am dreaming when I will, etc…
You can try to combine of course… it will demand you to use simple phrases.
“When I wake up tomorrow morning, I will remember the lucid dreams I had during the night”
Actually, now that I think of it, it might be very effective. You’ll have to mean it of course when you say it.