Coming Back to LDing

Hey guys and girls,
I got into LDing a feew moths ago in the middle of the school year, but somehow i got caught up in school and gave up on it cuz i desperately needed sleep. What actually compelled me to come back to this website was a book i read today and when reading the book i had this strange half awake half asleep feeling and i reminded me of LDing…n e ways that not really the point

The point is I was never really good at LDing…i only succeded in it a few times and they were all accidental and random…like id just be in the middle of a dream and suddenly realize i was dreaming then have a short fly or send the person i was having a conflict with in the dream flying into a wall without touching him…so i think i was pretty good at keeping control once i got into the LD…but of course getting in is the hard part…

the point im trying to make is i have about 3 weeks left b 4 i go back to school and i wanna try some LDing and i need some advice from you guys (and girls). Just things like have you ever taken breaks and how do you prepare for coming back? and…

I do remember the two big methods…WILD and MILD…i remember wild consisted of keeping your mind concious while your body fell asleep…that was the one i used to try to do when i tryed lucid dreaming b 4…i got close a few times but never succeded…i always woke myself right around the part where the hypnotic imagery was supposed to come in…n e ways…then there MILD…i dont remember n e thing about that
So should i go with wild or mild?

n e other tips you have would be greatly appreciated :smile:

oh and by the way…im the kind of person hwo takes a half hour or hour to fall asleep in case you were wonder…iv been reading through and i think im just going ot try a regular MILD tonight and see what advice you guys have tomorrow

good luck man, I took a break for the same reason… school. I was planning to start up again as soon as summer started because of all the free time I would have, but that went to hell with all the trips and plans that went down. Anyway, let me know how it goes, we’re on the same boat.

adg12012 try WBTB + MILD if you can.

for some reason i cant do WBTB…when i wake up in the middle of the night i cant fall back asleep for some reason and end up laying in bed till the sun comes up

well iv decided to forget about MILD and go back to WILD

even if i succeed at MILD i wont be happy because (and im sure most of you feel the same) i want to be able to LD and will and MILD is based alot on luck

It’s easier to fall asleep again if you go out of your bed and go back to bed after 15 minutes. It’s an advice given against insomnia, for instance.