Coming back to lucid dreaming.

Maybe a few months ago I found this site. I thought lucid dreaming was probably the coolest thing EVER. After failed attempts for a few weeks, I decided that I just couldn’t do it. Well, the past few days I have been thinking about trying again. I have a few questions.

My bed isn’t the best… Every morning I wake up with back pain. I wake up multiple times almost every night. I don’t know if that’s the mattress or just me. Will it be easier to LD with a more comfortable mattress?

I often flip and turn and do all of this while sleeping. Does sleeping in a certain position increase your chance of having an LD? Or should you just go with what feels good to you?

I have had many dreams where I realize I am dreaming. Upon realizing that I am lucid, I instantly wake up. Help? Please?

If anyone can answer any of these, I would be extremely thankful. I will start using my DJ again and perform reality checks regularly in hope of being able to LD.

You should be able to feel comfortable while you sleep- while i don’t know if this influences the amount of LD’s you could have- it’s just plain bad for your physical health to wake up in pain every day.

There is an article on the best positions to sleep in while trying to induce LD’s. I’m not certain if they’re the “holy grail” on sleep positions but sleeping on your back with your head and neck well supported was suggested. I would suggest that whatever position is the most comfortable to you would be best.

If you have had any dreams where you realized you were dreaming then you had an LD. The trick is to not wake up once you’ve realized you’re dreaming. Try rubbing your hands together, spinning, grabbing a DC or some dream object if you feel like you will wake up- this helps you stay in the dream scape.
Hope that helps!

Do you think taking some kind of sleeping pill would help?

You don’t need any sleeping pills.If you have trouble falling asleep, try NOT TO ROLL AND FLIP.That way you should fall asleep much easier.

And yes, you had LDs.Awakening after gaining lucidity is often caused by the excitement.You mustn’t be too excited when you gain lucidity.Try to be more calm.