Communal Thought Forming - Can it.. or has it been done?

So over the years I’ve been on this forum I think this idea has been utilized from time to time. First off let me define what I think thought forming is. I think thought forming is done via conscious effort of creation. Creation though here is interesting word, I would stipulate that the astral/dream realms, and the physical realms have similiar laws to one another, only reverse. For instance, we can day dream all we want, but we’re not changing the physics of our universe anytime soon. But in the ether or sub-universe (maybe the REAL universe), our thoughts are law. Right? So, with that being said, I’ve read in several places that the more intent on thought forming one is the stronger their thought will be and the longer time it will last. Well what happens when you have tons of people day dreaming of the same things? So much thought form into one thing, it must have a reaction or better yet an amorphous reflection in the ether no?

I am curious whether any of you have picked up on this trend? The lucid crossroads for instance. We all think of it differently, does some force take into account all our personal ideas of what it looks like and make it look like some mashup of them all whenever one visits? What are the rules of communal thought forming? How far can it be taken?

I have limited first hand experience in communal thought forms however I have done some shamanic journeying in the past and during these sessions our spirit animals would constantly visit ourselves and each other on our journeys. What happens if we could team up our spirit guides and our animal totems and things of this nature? Like make conscious effort to change things, not via prayer though I do believe a fair amount can be done here, but by taking a more direct route in conjunction w w.e mystical entities you feel guide you throughout this life. Does this interest anyone else??? :-o