Communtincation Through Dreams

I have a question about dreams. I never got this inolved yet, but is it actually be possible for one being that is dreaming and takes it luicd and meets up with another person that is also having a lucid drem too. I thought dreams are our own personal get away, so i can’t see meeting up with someone, unless you created it yourself. Thats the other thing, is the picutre alot bigger than i know of. I mean by that… When i dream does that open everything up to me and to everyone and i just to been wise enough to know what i am doing. Is it actually possible to commuticate with a another being thats going through the same points while your dreaming. B/c i wasn’t sure if we are really talking to these people’s in our dreams and did you seem to think that the person your talking to is dreaming to, but they dont see the same things, b/c they have entire different points of view while there dreaming? I have lots of questions, so i dont know where to continue on… unless some of these get answered

OK i guess you dont


I have not had any so-called shared dreams yet, so I can’t add any input, sorry.

No Problem Thanks for your input, niether have I, and i really started to think, i think pot has something to do while your sleeping. I think it knocks you out that you dont even know that your dreaming.