Competition Rankings for April

i don’t count them…

but i think its 14 or so, maybe more?

i figure i can have at max, 3-4 a night… and i usually tend to have at least 1 a day, so being conservative, say in 3 weeks i had 14?

i’m not sure if i shoudl count each time i wake up from a LD and have to re-enter it… maybe so becuase it takes some skill to keep that going for a long time?

I have had four since friday night… maybe more, this morning, but they weren’t full fledge adventures… more like playing with hypnogs

so thats 12

hmm doing this on the dutch forum aswell :smile:

I’m at 39 sofar this month

I had another one this morning. I wasn’t fully lucid though (I knew I was dreaming and I had all my powers, but I still thought the world and people around me were real).

8 :smile:

I got 1 more. But it was short and very low level. About 5-10 sec of lucidity and then continued in ND style.
By the way I had my shortest one last week. About 2 sec of lucidity, but I won’t count that one.

Just one :sad:

I had another lucid dream!

This one was this morning:

I was outside on a dark plane, and I knew there were bad guys, and I was with the scooby do characers, maybie most of them. But, I only rememeber the guy in the white shirt. And, at this point I knew I was dreaming and decided to taunt the monsters. Then, a purple monster came at me and I tried to hit it, but I kept missing, cause it would dodge me very fast. Then, I ended up inside some tower, and I asked the guy in the white shirt some crazy question, and he said no, and it kept on going for a while, then he said he could not tell me because he had a contract. And, I told him that this contract did not justify that he could not tell me what I asked him. Then, from here on, I lost my lucididity, and kind of zombied around in a kitchen with the gang. I was lucid, yet, I could not remember to conjure up some pot and get stoned.

So thats 7!

umm i havent been counting this month, ahh well, a few :razz:. i will join in next month, i gotta get back into it tho, i am slowing pulling back to where i was about 3 months ago


one more… in this one I decided to eat some pancakes to see how they would taste… they tasted like pancakes! HAH… Th eonly real difference was that I could eat them REALLLLLY fast. I lost it when I was cutting in line getting more food.

Thats 13 :confused:


hey you forgot me :grrr:

Well so far I got like 10 i think in april so far…

9 so far

had another 5 (low lucidity and control though grr)

total: 44


I only have 2 ones that i even bother to count… Rest ones was a couple of minutes long at longest and many of them was low lucidity aswell :sad:

Bump up by 1 to 2, thanks to this night’s LD…


dissapointing last week, no LDs… or interesting dreams for that matter :sad:
But 4 is still a good month for me…

Good luck in next month’s competition !!