Competition Rankings for April

February’04-Pedro: 86
April’04-PuddingBunny:44 <
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

Since no one posted this I decided I would :cool:

So start posting here if you want to participate this month.
And please put the amount of LDs in your signature to make it easyer to count the total amount of LDs.

Good luck :content:

PuddingBunny - 44
Monitor199a - 22

holy reality - 14
toadstool - 13

ShiroTora - 11
evilshiznat - 9
Dream Monster - 9
mystic - 9

ErikW - 7

BrainHacker - 6
Siiw - 6
JaRoD - 6

Macrophage - 4

Moonhunter - 3
r3m0t - 2
Tomas - 2
clarkkent - 2
kamilprz - 1

PistGurl - 0

If I have missed someone feel free to yell at me :smile:

We have a winner :smile: , PuddingBunny kicked everyones butt. Congratulations PuddingBunny :smile:

18 thus far

Only 1 so far in April…

5 so far for me.

3 so far despite the awful dream recall…

6, so far.

its a little late… hehe… i have 4 or 5, i haven’t been keeping track

I’m in! Not a good month so far though.

I had three this month.

My month has not been good so far, too…

Two only this time; one self-hypnosis and one spontaneous.

I’m up to 8 after the past few nights

Woohoo, I join, it seems I’m pretty succesful with only 6 LD’s :eek:

Taking a I-have-been-too-obsessed-with-LDing-break, so don’t expect dramatically rising numbers in my sig :wink:

up to 4 now…

2 LD’s between 22nd-24th of April, competition seems to be a good motivation! :cool_laugh:

Six so far. And that’s my best month ever. I’m going to to beat Toadstool, Brain Hacker and Siiw this month, if everything goes according to my plans. Would you three please stop having LD’s in the mean time? You can continue Monitor199a, you are obviously cheating anyway.

Just kidding. I hope you all have a great LD-week. No really, I do. :grin:

7 so far. All very short and low level… It’s not going great the last few weeks… And I feel it has something to do with the fact that I was in charge of the competition thread last month…

Keep us updated about your LDing JaRoD :smile:

Two more, that both kind of sucked. Still counts. 8 total.

LOL, make that four. I just had one this morning hehe. I did this chick in public!

LOL, also I had my first WILD experience that worked the day before the lucid dream where I did a random chick in public lol. But, I was so convinced it was just HI, that I thought my lucid dream was HI, but I looked in the dictionary and was completely wrong.

Anyways, make that 5 lucid dreams this month. :cool:
That is so much better than only one lucid dream last month lol.

I wrote this lucid dream down on paper and forgot to put it into my computer dream journal… so I excluded it:

I was at the baech, then I saw this black magnum looign gun pointed at me, but far enough to dodge. So, then I said RUN!, And I picked up this unaware mom, and was like he has a gun. Then the mom’s kid was like what are you doing? … as he tugged at my swimming trunks. I said to the kid run, the dudes got a gun… I might of put the mom down, but I paused. And, I found I was dreaming and I was sure I knew, but I knew. Then, now I was really, REALLY pissed off. Then I just was like if I could do that again I kick that dudes ass!, then I wanted to go back so bad, that I did. Then, I went back in time before the incident and talked some crap to the criminals (dont remember if it was just one guy with partners or just one dude). I started to fight them, Then, im not sure when or how, but I was on some rope bridge on a very high and dark place. Then, I kicked the ■■■■ out of all the weaker deamons. Then, I found that the head demon could fight really good and was hard to attack, sort of like a boss on a video game. Then, I still tried to beat up the head demon, but he was harder and ended up trapeing me. Then, I could not move for like five seconds, and the scene changed the crazy teacher scene.

So make that 6 lucid dreams this month lol.

I might as well try, it might give me more lol! But I’ve had none so far :cry: hoping I will as to not have to write April:0…that would suck. Anyway, I won’t type any LDs in my sig until I HAVE ONE!!!

9 so far for me.